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Hardcore lives on in the city where it all began. Jimmy Gestapo hosts a selection of the best punk and hardcore classics.

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Steeped in a tradition of punk and metal, Liberty City Hardcore now features a new radio show hosted by DJ Max Cavalera of the legendary bands Sepultura, Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy.

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Liberty City Hardcore, also known as Liberty City Hardcore Classics or as an abbreviation, is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV that plays hardcore punk and extreme metal music.


In GTA IV, the station is hosted by Murphy's Law frontman Jimmy Gestapo and plays hardcore punk from the New York Hardcore music scene. In particular, it appears to be paying homage to the scene surrounding CBGB, an iconic bar where most of the bands featured have performed at one point or another. This is further evidenced by the station originating from the in-game equivalent to Manhattan's East Village, where CBGB was located.

In The Lost and Damned, the station is hosted by Max Cavalera and largely centers around classic death metal, chiefly from bands associated with Earache Records or Roadrunner Records. While not the exclusive focus of the station, several of the bands featured are drawn from the Florida and Swedish death metal scenes. His segment is referred to as the "Blood Fire War Hate Death Metal Show".

This is one of the preferred stations of the Angels of Death, the Skinheads, the Albanian Mob, Jim Fitzgerald, Johnny Klebitz, Clay Simons, Terry Thorpe, and Henrique Bardas.


Grand Theft Auto IV

Song: Preview: Notes:
"A Day in the Life" by Murphy's Law (1986)
"All Your Boyz" by Maximum Penalty (1989)
"Back to Back" by Underdog (1989)
"Enforcer" by Leeway (1988) Removed in Patch due to the 10-year licensing agreement on them expiring.
"Injustice System" by Sick of It All (1989)
"It's the Limit" by Cro-Mags (1985) Removed in Patch due to the 10-year licensing agreement on them expiring.
"Just Can't Hate Enough (Live)" by Sheer Terror (1989)
"Right Brigade" by Bad Brains (1982)
"Tell Tale" by Killing Time (1989)
"Victim in Pain" by Agnostic Front (1984)

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Song: Preview: Notes:
"Blood Fire War Hate" by Soulfly (2008) Only the introduction was played for the station's feature ident.
"Drowned" by Entombed (1990)
"Call from the Grave" by Bathory (1987) Removed in Patch due to the 10-year licensing agreement on them expiring.
"I Cum Blood" by Cannibal Corpse (1992)
"Dead Embryonic Cells" by Sepultura (1991)
"Fear of Napalm" by Terrorizer (1989)
"Awakening of the Gods" by Kreator (1986)
"Inner Sanctum" by Celtic Frost (1987)
"Slaughter of the Soul" by At the Gates (1995)
"Jailbait" by Drive By Audio (2009) Exclusive to downloadable versions of The Lost and Damned.
"Dead by Dawn" by Deicide (1990)


Radio Station
Individual Songs
  • "Day in the Life" by Murphy's Law is played in Patrick McReary's game trailer.



Grand Theft Auto IV

Episodes from Liberty City


  • In GTA IV, Liberty City Hardcore is a dynamic station, meaning that music, comments, idents, and commercials play in a random order. The TLAD version is looped, meaning all music, comments, and idents are in the same order.
  • Occasionally Jimmy Gestapo can be heard going into on-air rants against "California kids and their parking lot punk tours", a reference to the popular punk-based touring music festival Warped Tour and how many of the bands that played at Warped Tour in the 2000's were California-based.
    • This is one of the few times where California is directly mentioned in the HD Universe instead of its counterpart, San Andreas.

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