The Liberty City Ferry Strikes were a series of aggressive protests conducted by ferry workers of Liberty City in 1998, during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The strikes were caused by the uncertainty of the continuation of the Liberty City ferry services.


The strikes first emerged when the corrupt Liberty City Trade Union boss Jane Hopper encouraged the engraged ferry workers to fight against the construction of the Callahan Bridge and the proposed extensions to the Porter Tunnel. These new links will make the Ferry services obsolete, causing many ferry workers to lose their jobs. Hopper also intends to use the strikes as a way to bribe the corrupted Mayor Roger C. Hole for profit. Salvatore Leone was also associated with setting up the strikes, to allow him to trade and import illegal drugs from Portland. Hopper betrays Salvatore and her strikers begin to attack the mafia if they come in contact.


The strikes have many effects on the early stages of the game. At first, the strikers are positioned at the Harwood Ferry Terminal and the Portland City Docks. If Toni comes within a short distance or attacks a striker, they will fight back launching Molotov Cocktails and attacking the player with baseball bats. In the mission "The Offer", Salvatore assigns Toni to send cash to Hopper knowing that he has no alternitive option. Hopper takes the cash as a 'donation' and unsuccessfully orders her strikers to attack Toni.

Hopper's Defeat

Further maddened by Hoppers attack on Toni and her on air radio insults on himself, Salvatore orders Toni to scare Hopper into his control. Toni kills Hopper's chauffeur and disguises himself as one to steal Hopper's limo. Toni then drives frantically to scare Hopper who in turn follows Salvatore's orders to stop the strikes.

Lift Bridge Blockade

After the strikes in Portland are terminated, a portion of the incompleted Callahan Bridge has been built into a large ramp allowing full access to Staunton Island. The Staunton Lift Bridge however, is closed due to further protests about the future of the Liberty City Ferry Service. A large blockade is constructed and the lift is jammed open, to prevent access to Shoreside Vale. The strikers here are still considerably aggressive and attempt to prevent the player from accessing the closed bridge, and will still attack Toni.


The strikes came to a close after Toni assasinates the corrupted mayor Roger C. Hole, during a jog in Bellville Park. Toni suppourts bussinessman and new friend Donald Love in his attempt to run for office. Ultimately, Love's competitor candidate Miles O'Donovan takes office after Love is found to be untrustworthy. The remainder of the workers return to their positions after O'Donovan assures them that the Liberty Ferries will never close, despite the near completion of the Callahan Bridge and tunnel proposal.

Events after 1998

Sometime between 1998 and 2000 the two ferry terminals are demolished to make way for the Portland extension to the Porter Tunnel.

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