In the Grand Theft Auto series, the cities have always had references to real places but each version is changing the face of the city as its counterpart, retaining some point of reference in every single version that changed. For example, Liberty City has been the city with more updates in the saga and has been preserved in all its versions, the equivalent of Central Park from the first to the last version.

Liberty City

As mentioned, Liberty City is the city with more versions based on New York City. The following table showing the different appearances of this city:

Liberty City in GTA Series
Counterparty Equivalent Liberty City in 2D Universe Liberty City in 3D Universe Liberty City in HD Universe
New York City Liberty City
Libert City gta map


The following table shows the places of Liberty City (2D, 3D and HD Universe) and its real counterpart:

New York Places Liberty City (2D) Liberty City (3D) Liberty City (HD)
Manhattan Central Island Staunton Island, Portland Algonquin
Brooklyn Brocklyn Portland Broker
Queens Kings Portland Dukes
Bronx Brix Shoreside Vale, Portland Bohan
Roosevelt Island Nixon Island Hepburn Heights Colony Island
Ward's Island and Randall's Island Law Island Harwood Charge Island
Central Park Park Belleville Park Middle Park
Theatre District N/A Bedford Point Star Junction
Financial District N/A Torrington The Exchange
Uptown Manhattan N/A Uptown Staunton Uptown Algonquin
Midtown Manhattan Island City Midtown Staunton Midtown Algonquin
Downtown Manhattan Island City Downtown Staunton Downtown Algonquin
Bronx Park N/A Staunton View Picnic Area N/A
Manhattan´s Little Italy N/A Saint Mark's Little Italy
Inwood No Law Rockford Northwood
Washington Heights Island Height Aspatria Northwood
Morningside Heights N/A

Liberty Campus

Varsity Heights
Riverdale, Bronx N/A Cedar Grove N/A
Brooklyn Navy Yard Brocklyn Docks Portland Harbor Broker Navy Yard
Red Hook N/A Trenton East Hook
DUMBO N/A Atlantic Quays BOABO
Coney Island N/A Portland Beach Firefly Island
Co-op City, Bronx N/A Wichita Gardens Northern Gardens
Hunts Point N/A Red Light District Purgatory


As well as locations (districts, counties, parks, etc) there are also landmarks in buildings and monuments in New York City.

New York City Landmarks Liberty City (2D) Liberty City (3D) Liberty City (HD)
Empire State Building N/A Bedford Point Tower Rotterdam Tower
Trump Tower N/A Morningstar Building Cleethorpes Tower
New York City Hall Building N/A Town Hall City Hall Building
Flatiron Building N/A

and two unnamed replicas:

Triangle Building
Columbia University N/A Liberty Campus Vespucci University
Condé Nast Building N/A N/A Bawsaq Building
St. Patrick's Cathedral N/A Liberty City Cathedral Columbus Cathedral
The New York Times Building N/A Liberty Tree Building N/A
7th Avenue N/A East Monroe Avenue N/A
Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive N/A Aspatria - Bedford Point Expressway Union Drive East
Queensbridge N/A Hepburn Heights Steinway Projects
World Trade Center (2001) N/A Jefferson Street Credit Union Building N/A
  • The tables above show only the points of interest that have appeared least twice in the versions of Liberty City.

New Jersey

Like New York, New Jersey also shows places of interest (not in Liberty City) here in New Guernsey and Alderney mainly, as in parts of Shoreside Vale. The difference between the above places is that New Guernsey NJ (name and geography are very similar to NJ) would be part of Liberty City (1) by their size and Shoreside Vale is based elsewhere (and not primarily in NJ), however Alderney is a state based entirely on NJ and independent of Liberty City as well as is its real counterpart NY.

New Jersey´s equivalent in GTA Series
Counterparty New Guernsey Shoreside Vale Alderney
New Jersey
Libert City gta map
Alderney Map
  • New Guernsey is the western part of the map of Liberty City, where he says to New Guernsey to Eaglewood.


The following table shows the places of New Guernsey, Shoreside Vale and Alderney its real counterpart:

New Jersey Places New Guernsey Shoreside Vale Alderney
Englewood Eaglewood N/A Leftwood
Hackensack Hackenslash N/A N/A
Fort Lee Fort Law N/A N/A
Guttenberg Schlechberg N/A N/A
Jersey City Guernsey City N/A Alderney City
Bayonne N/A Cochrane Dam Normandy
Elizabeth N/A Pike Creek Tudor
Newark N/A Francis International Airport (airport only) Alderney City

San Andreas/San Fierro

San Francisco also has its equivalent in the GTA series since the first game with the City of San Andreas that shows neighborhoods based on their real counterparts. The second appearance of San Francisco is San Fierro the closest version, like most similar name.

San Francisco´s equivalent in GTA Series
Counterparty San Andreas in 2D Universe San Fierro
San Francisco
San Andreas GTA Map


The following table shows the places of San Andreas and San Fierro its real counterpart:

San Francisco Places San Andreas San Fierro
Cow Hollow Sunview Juniper Hollow
Fisherman´s Wharf Sailor's Wharf Esplanade North
Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown
Russian Hill Soviet Hill Juniper Hill
Pacific Heights Atlantic Heights Calton Heights
Noe Valley Aye Valley Kings
Golden Gate Bridge Unnamed Bridge Gant Bridge

Vice City

Vice City is the only place that has carried out all points and places of interest since its first version. The first version of Vice City in GTA is based more on what is north and south of Miami, like elsewhere in Florida (not Miami), while the second version in 3D Unvierse is an exact replica of Miami Beach and a few of Miami.

Vice City in GTA Series
Counterparty Vice City in 2D Universe Vice City in 3D Universe
Vice City map (GTA I)
Vice City Map


The following table shows the places of Miami its real counterpart:

Miami Places Vice City (2D) Vice City (3D)
Little Haiti Little Dominicana Little Haiti
Miami Beach Vice Beach Vice City Beach
Little Havana Little Bogota Little Havana
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