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Liberty City is a city based primarily on New York City, that appears in several games, and has three different renditions.

Liberty City is used in two titles:


  • Liberty City is a real place, located in Miami, Florida. Miami also being the same city that Vice City is based on.
  • Liberty City's name may have been inspired by the Statue of Liberty.
  • Liberty City is appears the most times in the series, having appeared in nine games.
  • Liberty City is currently the only location to be featured in all three GTA universes, since in the 2D Universe San Andreas was based on San Francisco and Vice City has yet to physically reappear in the HD Universe.
  • In all universes, Liberty City is the first location in the first game of the universe.
  • Liberty City is frequently portrayed as a horrible place to live in. The Grand Theft Auto IV rendition is frequently voted "the worst place in America".