"Man, that's good shit - I can feel my dick shrinking already."
―Liam, referring to the acid he bought off of Huang Lee

Liam is an Irish-American character and drug dealer in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He sells drugs out of Steinway, Dukes and e-mails Huang Lee, the game's protagonist, regarding special deals when selling and buying drugs. Liam is introduced to Huang through Kenny Lee in the mission "Tricks of the Triad". Liam mentions to Huang about security cameras all around the city. Liam also has connections with the Irish-American Killers.


  • He likes to sell his Acid at cheap rates, he usually says: "I don't normally get fucked, that price was just for you, pretty boy".
  • He normally has 50+ Acid and 2-5 bags of Ecstasy.
  • He is the only drug dealer (who can deal with Huang) in his gang.



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