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A letter scrap.

Letter Scraps are a collectible in Grand Theft Auto V. Fifty scraps are strewn throughout San Andreas


The letter scraps look like white glowing pieces of paper laying on the floor. When the player is nearby, the sound of a piece of paper flapping in the wind can be heard. This can be useful for finding the exact location. The game will automatically be saved after picking one up (unless the player has the "Autosave" option disabled).

The player can start collecting the scraps after finishing mission Repossession. They can be collected by all three protagonists. Chop can also help Franklin find the scraps at the nearest location.

The locations of all fifty scraps, including those the player has not found, is available to players with a Rockstar Games Social Club account; it can be viewed under the "Checklist" tab.

Collecting all fifty scraps reveals the truth behind the murder of actress Leonora Johnson, and will unlock the mission A Starlet in Vinewood for Franklin


Count Location description Image Map

Hawick - On the half pipe of the skate park above Hawaiian Snow

Letter Scraps GTAVe 001.jpg
2 Outside the Abandoned Mine in Great Chaparral
Letter Scraps GTAVe 002.jpg
3 On the steps of the public toilet at Procopio Truck Stop.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 003.jpg

Dignity Village - In the doorway of one of the buildings, next to a health pack.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 004.jpg
5 Paleto Bay - Inside a derelict house behind Beeker's Garage
Letter Scraps GTAVe 005.jpg
6 Paleto Bay - on the deck of a house overlooking the beach at the south end.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 006.jpg
7 Paleto Forest - between trees just north of the Paleto Forest Sawmill.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 007.jpg

Mount Chiliad - Located at the Aerial Tramway terminal next to the parachute.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 008.jpg

Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness next to the buildings above the Altruist Camp.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 009.jpg
10 Raton Canyon - on a high clifftop overlooking Cassidy Creek.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 010.jpg

Alamo Sea - northwestern corner on the shore just north of a rowboat.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 011.jpg
12 Galilee - East side of Millars Boat Shop fishery building.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 012.jpg

Grapeseed - Inside a crop tunnel house on Union Grain Farm.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 013.jpg

Mount Gordo - east side of the lighthouse.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 014.jpg

Sandy Shores - At the abandoned motel, in the empty swimming pool.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 015.jpg
16 Sandy Shores

- Atop a large three-tiered rock located to the southwest of Sandy Shores Airfield.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 016.jpg
17 Harmony - Stoner Cement Works plant, on top of the highest building.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 017.jpg
18 Great Chaparral - Hill Valley Church graveyard.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 018.jpg

Zancudo River - Under a Route 68 bridge over a dry culvert.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 019.jpg

Lago Zancudo - In the swamp on the side of the river closest to Fort Zancudo.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 020.jpg
21 Great Chaparral - behind a billboard near an abandoned farm.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 021.jpg
22 Redwood Lights Track - In the middle of the tank in the construction site.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 022.jpg

San Chianski Mountain Range - In the cave at "Coveted Cove".

Letter Scraps GTAVe 023.jpg
24 Pacific Ocean - on a rocky island directly east of Palmer-Taylor Power Station
Letter Scraps GTAVe 024.jpg
25 Vinewood Hills - On top of the "I" of the Vinewood Sign.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 025.jpg

Lake Vinewood Estates - In the outdoor games room on one of the properties.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 026.jpg

Vinewood Hills - Near the 'BIG' juice stand in the Arthur's Pass Trails, north side of Galileo Park.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 027.jpg
28 Tongva Valley - beneath the guide sign next to a fruit stand.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 028.jpg

Pacific Bluffs - In the middle of the maze in the Kortz Center.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 029.jpg
30 Pacific Bluffs Country Club - On the bar by the pool.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 030.jpg
31 Pacific Bluffs - Cemetery of the Hill Valley Church, on the island in the pond.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 031.jpg
32 Backlot City - Southwestern corner up stairs.Stage 14.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 032.jpg

Del Perro Pier - On the balcony of the Pearl's Seafood restaurant.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 033.jpg

Vespucci Beach - Inside the skate/bike bowl.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 034.jpg

Vespucci Canals - In a tunnel of the canal under Palomino Avenue.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 035.jpg
36 Burton - on a BBQ in the motel courtyard.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 036.jpg

Alta - In a pit at the STD Contractors construction site.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 037.jpg

East Vinewood - On the stands of the Vinewood Racetrack.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 038.jpg
39 Los Santos River at the start of the Storm Drain canals.
Letter Scraps GTAVe 039.jpg

La Mesa - On the Vespucci Boulevard bridge that links Downtown and East Los Santos.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 040.jpg

Murrieta Oil Field - Inside a bus in the Car Scrapyard.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 041.jpg

Terminal - On top of a container on Buccaneer Way.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 042.jpg

Cypress Flats - On an underground tunnel under Popular Street.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 043.jpg

Elysian Island - On a dry-docked tugboat called Olifantus.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 044.jpg

Davis - Back yard of a house on Grove Street.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 045.jpg

Davis - Inside a container at the parking zone of the Davis Mega Mall.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 046.jpg

Los Santos International Airport - Near the subway entrance of the LSIA Terminal 4 Station on New Empire Way.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 047.jpg

Pacific Ocean - On an island southeast of NOOSE Headquarters in the Palomino Highlands.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 048.jpg
49 Los Santos International Airport

- On top of the Sightings Bar & Restaurant.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 049.jpg

Pillbox Hill - Mile High Club construction site, on top of the highest platform of the crane.

Letter Scraps GTAVe 050.jpg

Complete Letter

March 15th, 1975

ATTN: David Richards

My dear David,

Listen, I know you're a little offended by your discovery of my 'petit indiscretion' as the French would say, but I want you to understand - that's all it is - a little indiscretion. I agree whole heartedly with you - my actions were a little inhumane. But that's not a bad thing. Inhumanity is the very watchword, the very currency, the very life blood of the artist! My inhumanity makes me human. It's thanks to my inhumanity that I'm able to speak to people with the moral authority of the sinner and the creator, all at once. I had to kill her. And I had to do it in that way. The way that would hurt me most - by torturing her slowly and painfully, then sending mementos from our date to her family. And in the years since, I've had to, at times, goad her family into further suffering. Just to prove how very much I understand suffering and how I can represent it best as an artist - isn't it better that one family suffers so the world can be free to enjoy, to learn and to be cleansed by my masterpieces? Don't even bother answering that. The answer is obvious and if you get it wrong, well, then you're less of a man than I thought.

But let us not concern ourselves with such trivialities - we are artists, my friend. The last of a dying breed. I dread the day when you finally retire and Solomon takes over - sure I love the kid but he's a remorseless hack with none of your passion, your creative zeal. He's a weak livered moralizer hiding in the body of a Vinewood decadent. He understands nothing about why we act as we do! Not because we can, but because we must. And that's the thing. Some people take advantage of their position in this town for pleasure - as if sleeping with multiple young girls, or torturing hitchhikers or eating dogs could ever be fun? It's awful. I only do it to experience it so my art is truer, deeper, more meaningful, and I believe you know that.

I cannot wait for you to read my new draft of LEARED. I have really removed the cliches that ruined Shakespeare's plays and found the power, the moment, the thing we talked about that wonderful night in Mexico when we paid the hookers to stab each other.

Anyway, I hope you and Rachel have worked through your problems. I look forward to making Friday supper again soon. You've always been an inspiration to me.

Your dear friend




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  • The letter scraps are mentioned in an internet news article from Daily Rag after the mission Friends Reunited, the article mentions that the movie executive Ira Richards accidentally revealed that his grandfather, David Richards, destroyed a confession letter before he died. He later claims that he was misquoted. The remains of this destroyed confession letter are the scraps that the player collect in the game.