Les Cargo (GTA3)

Les Cargo docked in Portland Harbor in GTA III.

Les Cargo is a cargo ship in Grand Theft Auto III. Its port of registry is Liberty City.


In GTA III, the ship is seen docked in Portland Harbor. The ship is appears severely run down, with a bent transmission tower, rusting deck, and a partially demolished superstructure. The ship can be accessed by a wooden staircase. The ship is owned by the Colombian Cartel and is used as a manufacturing laboratory for SPANK. The ship does not appear in  Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, with a black freight ship docked in its place, and an almost-identical ship west of the harbor docked.

The ship is seen in GTA III during Cutting the Grass, where Curly Bob meets up with Catalina and Miguel to discuss the warfare between the Leone Family, Triads and the Forelli Family.

Later on, Salvatore Leone orders Claude to destroy the ship to end distribution of SPANK in Portland Island. With the help of explosives export 8-Ball, he plants explosives on the ship, sinking the ship.


  • A similar ship to Les Cargo appears in Viceport in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, owned by the Chartered Libertine Lines. They share a similar hull design, although the ship in Viceport appears to be more maintained than Les Cargo.
  • The name is likely a reference to "l'escargot" (pronounced the same), the French word for The snail.
    • Possibly, it is a play on less cargo.


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