"Listen man, I told Vinnie already, Chinatown is no good for the Leones there, these Sindaccos are moving in, if I go back there, I'm a dead man!"
―Leone Dealer

The Leone Dealer was a drug dealer for the Leones. He is unnamed and there are several character models similar to his. He appears in the mission Slacker and claims to be ill as a diversion to stay out of Chinatown. Vincenzo Cilli sends trusted Leone Family member Toni Cipriani to get the dealer to start dealing again, but the dealer informs Toni that the rival Sindacco Family are dealing in Chinatown. Toni ignores these warnings and forces the dealer to start dealing again. By the mission Dealing Revenge, the Sindaccos have killed the dealer, prompting Toni to head over to Chinatown and take out three Sindacco dealers as revenge.

Mission Appearances


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