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Niko: "Hey. Eh, Hello?"
Lenny: "I'm busy!"
Niko: "I said hello!"
Lenny: "Ow, motherfucker!"
—Lenny meeting Niko Bellic for the first time.[src]

Lenny is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.



As of 2008, Lenny is a mechanic working at Brucie's Executive Auto Garage for Brucie Kibbutz. He is also familiar with Brucie's associate Stevie.

Events of GTA IV

Lenny first meets Niko Bellic when the latter enters the garage, while the former works on Brucie's Banshee. He initially ignores Niko, only to get kicked by him. He is asked by Niko if Brucie is around the place, to which he positively answers before he yells at Brucie that "some Polack asshole" is looking for him.

He later opens the garage for Niko when he brings an Oracle under Brucie's orders. This time around, Lenny is more calm and well mannered with Niko, thanking him for bringing the car.

His third and final encounter with Niko occurs prior to a race throughout Broker-Dukes. He cleans up Brucie's Banshee before the race. When the Banshee fails to work Brucie blames Lenny, who reveals that it was actually Brucie who tuned the car. Lenny then suggests Brucie to take Stevie's Comet for the race.

Mission Appearances




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