Legion Square looking from north-east perspective.

Legion Square is a public park and a block district in Grand Theft Auto V located in Downtown Los Santos, San Andreas. It is one of the few public parks in the city.


Legion Square is located in a commercial district, bordering Pillbox Hill to the west and Mission Row to the east. The Square itself is composed primarily of sculptures. Large red cubes are a prominent feature, along with other instances of public art. There are numerous banners around the park advertising exhibits sponsored by the Fleeca art fund.

Beyond the art, there is a shallow pool on the square's southern end, and in the center is a tall structure which could be a building, though there are no clearly marked entrances. On the west side of the square is a ramp which leads to an underground garage; however, the garage itself is not accessible (the garage holds the universal 10-car garage interior in GTA Online). The square is crowded during daytime.


Legion Square is an almost identical replica of the real life Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles.

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  • Legion Square was the location of a large Christmas tree (in the north east corner of the park) in GTA Online for the duration of the Festive Surprise event.
    • The tree did not appear in missions, however.

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