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My wife got screwed by a yogi, and now I'm getting screwed by a yogi? Fuck! That! I'm a producer! Nobody fucks with my film!
— Michael's reaction to Devin's betrayal.

Legal Trouble is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Solomon Richards to Michael De Santa.


Michael tries to protect the Movie Studio.
Rockstar Games Social Club description.

After arriving at Solomon's office, Michael is surprised to find Devin Weston and his assistant Molly Schultz there. Devin proceeds to explain that, being one of the two shareholders (the other being Solomon Richards' "idiot" son) in Richards Majestic Productions, he plans to pull the plug on their latest movie in order to receive a massive insurance payout. With that money, he will pay off Solomon's son to agree to tear the film lot down in order for Devin to build condos, tax free.

Solomon tries to protect the movie reel, but Molly forcibly snatches the film from his arms. Michael follows Molly who is taking the movie reel (Meltdown) to an unknown discreet offshore location by plane. Refusing to surrender his first film, Michael storms out of Solomon's office and pursues her.

By the time Michael arrives at Los Santos International Airport, Molly has received a police escort team paid for by Weston. Michael pursues Molly on the airport runways, causing huge amounts of mayhem along the way. Eventually the police order Molly to pull over, but they are ignored until Molly stops at Devin Weston's hangar, where a Jet is waiting for them to board with the film. Molly, who is aware of Michael pursuing her, runs into the hangar in a panic, where she is sucked into the jet engine, dropping the film. Michael collects the film and must lose his wanted level, since the cops are now pursuing him for entering a restricted area. Michael successfully escapes from the police, concluding the mission.

In a post-mission phone call with Solomon, Michael learns that there were backups of the film due to it being shot digitally, making the chase, Devin's plans and Molly's death all for naught. However, he is soon cheered up by Solomon announcing that Meltdown will have a full-fledged Vinewood premiere.

Despite Solomon saying that the invitations are on their way, "The Bureau Raid" and its immediate follow-up missions must be completed before the premiere.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the airport and find Molly.
  • Chase after Molly.
  • Get in a vehicle. (if exiting the vehicle during the pursuit)
  • Molly is getting away (if Molly becomes to far away from the player during the pursuit)
  • Pick up the film reel.
  • Lose the Cops.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 05:30.
    • Skip all cutscenes, and take the Shamal plane near the entrance of the hangar to escape quickly.
  • Floor It - Reach top speed in any car.
    • This is self explanatory, just crash minimally.
  • Clean Escape - Lose the wanted level within 02:00.
    • As stated before, use the plane near the entrance of the hangar and avoid police helicopters.
  • News Hound - View the Weazel News camera for 15 seconds.
    • It is recommended that this is done whilst in the airport as you have more space to keep your vehicle from crashing.

Instructional Messages

Press B (Xbox)/Circle (PlayStation) to toggle Weazel News heli camera.
The airport has restricted airspace. Get another vehicle.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Legal Trouble" in Grand Theft Auto V.

During the pursuit, dialogue will not play when the Weazel News helicopter camera is viewed, as this will prevent dialogue from playing altogether. Dialogue will pause during several camera "focus" modes (on aircraft) and resume after regaining full control. Certain dialogue will be skipped if the player keeps up with Molly throughout the chase.

Inside the hangar, some dialogue will be skipped if the player rushes the chase through the hangar corridor, quickly picks up the reel, and enters a vehicle to exit the hangar. Dialogue will not play when inside the Shamal located in the hangar.

Michael De Santa arrives at the movie studio.
Michael: Hello hello!
Devin: Good to see you, Slick!
Michael: Devin... what the hell are you doing here?
Molly: It's over, Michael.
Devin: You done good, kid! You kept this bullshit up long enough to help me trigger a fantastic insurance payout when the plug is pulled. I love you. You're... you're like my spirit brother now.
Michael: Where's Solomon?
Devin: He's out getting the negatives, the film, whatever the fuck it is. The last dinosaur in town is about to get fossilized.
Michael: What are you talking about?
Devin: Look, the movie's nearly done, so if the plug's pulled now, the investors, meaning us, get a massive insurance payout. Meanwhile, I can use that to get the other major shareholder, the old bastard's idiot son, to agree to tear this relic down and let me redevelop the area for condos. And in this economy, the city's gonna let me build tax free. I might even get some rebates. It is a brilliant thing and it is all thanks to you, and Molly's eye for the details of the insurance policy.
Solomon bursts into the room holding the film reel.
Solomon: Michael! They're fucking us! The suits! And they don't even wear suits! Wolves in turd's clothing!
Molly: Try not to take it too badly, Mr. Richards.
Solomon: Were you ever a human being?
Devin: Look, people used to like films, now they like what? Videoing themselves beating off on their iFruit phone. Don't blame me. I'm a very spiritual person. I feel badly about this, but evolution is evolution. Gentlemen, Molly. Namaste.
Molly: Can I take the film now, Mr. Richards? My plane leaves in twenty-five minutes.
Solomon: Can't we do something? At least let me finish the picture? Then close the place down.
Molly pulls the reel out of Solomon's hands.
Molly: I'm afraid our timetable doesn't allow for that. Goodbye, Mr. Richards.
Molly leaves the office, leaving Solomon and Michael confused.
Michael: Where the hell is she going with that movie?
Devin: She is taking the only copy offshore, somewhere nice and discreet. Analog! God, it's certainly got its complications...
Solomon: Michael, can you do something?
Devin: No, he can't do anything, pal. It's an inevitability!
Michael, clutching his fist in tension. Dragoner by Tangerine Dream begins playing.
Michael:: My wife got screwed by a yogi... and now I'm getting screwed by a yogi? Fuck! That!
Michael pushes Devin before running for the door, leaving Devin in worry.
Michael: I'm a producer! Nobody fucks with my film!

After leaving the studio, there are two possible lines of short dialogue for Michael.

Michael leaves the studio.
Michael: *Get to the airport, talk to her, that's it.
  • Okay, okay, the airport.

After driving a certain amount of distance away from the studio, Devin will call Michael. The phone call is entirely scripted and Michael can hang up the call, in which case Devin will text Michael what he wanted to say.

Devin calls Michael shortly after Michael leaves the studio.
(Voice only):
Slow it down, Slick. You're not thinking.
Michael: Hey, I'm a producer. I'm producing the goods.
(Voice only):
Don't do this, Slick. Think, she's got a police escort, she's on the way to my personal hangar, security at the airport work for me.
Michael: I just wanna get the film back before she does anything rash with it.
(Voice only):
Molly's highly strung. She's not going to stop and talk it out with a deranged killer chasing after her.
Michael: That ain't who I am... today. Look, I don't wanna hurt anyone, I just wanna get my movie.
(Voice only):
Slow down, and use your brain. Fun time is over.
Devin ends the call.
Michael: Ahhh.

When reaching Molly's location, Michael's and the police's dialogue during the entire length of the pursuit is scripted, however there is two possible variations of each line.

LSPD Dispatch: Attention, La Puerta units: Requesting a VIP escort for Miss Molly Schultz. Destination is the east hangar at Los Santos International. Requesting ground and air units, code 3.
Michael approaches Molly, who is racing towards the airport.
Michael: *What's she up to?
  • What's she doing?
Two Police Cruisers pursue Molly.
Police Officer: *Ms. Schultz, there is no need to panic. The LSPD are here to escort you to the hangar.
  • Ms. Schultz, please calm down. We're here to escort you to the hangar.
Driving towards the airport...
Police Officer: *You do not need to go that fast. Please relax.
  • There is no need to drive erratically. Please calm down.
Passing the Devin Weston Hangar...
Police Officer: *You went past the hangar!
  • The Devin Weston hangar was back there on your left!
A Police Cruiser crashes into the tanker truck and explodes.
Michael:: *Holy shit!
Molly drives through the airport's terminals and past a fire training exercise.
Police Officer: *Ms. Schultz, you are in the path of aircraft, this is not a safe place to drive.
  • Ms. Schultz, you are endangering yourself and my fellow officers.
Michael: *Say it like it is, she's totally flipped!
  • You're telling me, she's gone crazy!
Molly drives onto the runway with a landing Jet.
Michael: *You wanna take a plane full a tourists with ya?
  • Oh, oh, oh - the plane!
Two police cars are destroyed by the landing plane.
Michael: *Shit!
Molly drives head-on towards a landing plane.
Michael: *You're playing chicken!
  • Nah, nah, nah, nah.
A police car is destroyed by the plane's landing gear.
Police Officer: *Get off the runways, now!
  • Ms. Schultz, stop the car!
  • Stop your car now, Ms. Schultz.
  • Pull over now, Ms. Schultz!
  • We'll protect you, just pull over.
  • Stop your car!
Michael: *Stop the car, lady!
  • Pull it over already.

When Molly reaches the hangar side door, she steps out of the car and runs into the hangar. There is various dialogue during this sequence.

Molly gets out of the car and runs inside the hangar corridor.
Molly: *He wants to kill me! He wants to kill me!
  • That man's a murderer! He wants to kill me!
Police Officer: On the floor, lady! On the fucking floor!
Hangar Public-Address System: Clear the hangar!
Molly: *He's a psychopath!
  • He kills people! Help me!
  • He's a maniac! Stop him!
  • Stop him! Stop him, he's a killer!
  • Save me from this murderer!
  • I'm just a white collar criminal, but he's a real one!
Michael: *I think you need some help right now!
  • Lady, you need a friend!
  • Molly! Molly!
  • Molly!
  • Hey, come on!
  • Just fucking stop!
  • Stop, would you? Give me the film. It's the right thing to do!
Molly pushes and aircraft attendant out of the way before running in front of the jet's turbine.
Molly: *Move! A mad man's coming!
Aircraft Attendant: *Hey, hey, hey, you can't be in here, stop!
  • Hey! You can't be here. Stop!
Michael:: Whoa! Stop! Look out!
The jet turbine starts up and Molly is sucked in.
Molly: *Argghhh!
Michael: *Eurrrrrr.
  • That was nasty, and needless.
  • That didn't have to happen.
Michael grabs the film reel and escapes the police.
Michael:: *Hey, I'm just a witness, okay!?
  • Hey, I ain't done anything!
  • She's the one behind this!
  • I got what I came for, I'm leaving!
  • All this mayhem - nothing to do with me!
  • Trespassing - that's the most you got on me!
  • Hey, you got some mess to clean up! Leave me alone!

After escaping from the cops, Michael calls Solomon Richards.

(Voice only):
"I loved you once, Tony, but there's nothing between us. Now that I know you prefer dictation."
Michael: Really, we're doing this now? I just watched Devin Weston's legal counsel get juiced in a jet engine.
(Voice only):
That Molly woman? Oh, Lord, that's horrible!
Michael: You have no idea. She panicked, went crazy, and ran into it. But I saved the print, so we've still got our movie.
(Voice only):
You believed that analog thing? It's all digital - we have backups everywhere. I mean, we're shooting on green screen.
Michael: Well, you could have told me.
(Voice only):
I'm sorry, look, I thought you knew. The edit's nearly done, and we've got to get it out... before they can screw us again. I've green-lit a premiere. That will stop them from burying us.
Michael: A premiere? For Meltdown? Okay, can you invite my family? They can finally have something to be proud of me for.
(Voice only):
Of course... it's already on its way by courier.
Michael: Alright. Shit. I'll get ready. It was An American Divorce, by the way, the movie quote... obviously.


  • While Michael will automatically call Solomon after the mission, the player can also call Devin right after talking to Solomon, with Michael speaking to a furious Devin:
Michael: "Devin, hey look, I'm sorry."
Devin: "My legal counsel?"
Michael: "It was an accident. I had nothing to do with it."
Devin: "Sure, yeah, hey. Lawyers come and go, but you made a fool out of me, Michael, and that is something that I am not going to forget. Namaste."
—Conversation between Devin and Michael post-mission.
  • Franklin Clinton can also call Devin after this mission. Franklin asks for payment for delivering the cars from Pack Man, but Devin refuses.
  • Due to the extensive destruction wrought by Molly's panicked rampage, FlyUS stock will drop by approximately 50.2%, and will later rebound significantly after completion of the mission "Meltdown".
  • Posters for the premiere of Meltdown appear at the Oriental Theater.

Weazel News (Radio)

"Terror at the airport. A frightening scene at Los Santos International; reports say there are multiple causalities and millions of dollars of damage. Terrified travelers fled for their lives as a high speed chase across the runway involving police and unknown assailants left a trail of destruction in its path. This traveler was sympathetic: "I don't care who died! My flight's delayed now!"

Weazel News Newspaper

"Los Santos International Airport is on lockdown after suspected terrorists fled police in a high-speed chase that ended in multiple casualties. As yet, neither the government nor the police have released a statement so we cannot say for sure that this was a foreign-led attack on American democracy, but it seems likely. We will bring you any official details as soon as we receive them and, until then, will continue to report on speculation alone."

Lifeinvader Posts

LifeInvader GTAV Devin Profile large.png
Posted an update (after Legal Trouble)
Molly, you were one of the most committed and ruthless lawyers I've ever had on my books. I promise you that your death will not be in vain.

Bleeter Posts

Bleeter GTAVpc Generic.png
Does anyone know what happened at Los Santos International Airport? Was it a terrorist attack? Why isn't Lawton issuing a statement?

Bleeter GTAVpc Generic.png
@joethelegend24 #vacationruined
A high speed chase and a few explosions and they shut down the whole fucking airport! I'm supposed to be in Cancun by now! #vacationruined


  • Molly Schultz - Sucked into a jet engine and mulched, leaving only bloody chunks and one of her hands.


The mission soundtrack during Legal Trouble is "Dragoner", which can occasionally play during 3-5 star wanted levels outside of the mission. The soundtrack begins towards the end of the first cutscene, when Michael says "My wife got screwed by a yogi, and now I'm getting screwed by a yogi?" The hits begin once the player gains control outside of the studio, and the snares and drums begin once the player has entered a vehicle. The soundtrack loses pace once Michael chases Molly into the hangar towards the end of the mission, and completely ends once the player has lost the current wanted level.


Pictorial Walkthrough

Video Walkthroughs

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Legal Trouble
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]




  • Multiple files related to this mission are titled "t", "trv" and "trev".
    • This is likely a developer mistake in the file naming - inside the HUD text data file, mission fail reasons "Wade died.[1]" and "Floyd died.[2]" are found alongside Legal Trouble's data, likely a mismatch of mission data.
  • The chase scene is briefly seen during Michael's Trailer. In the trailer the scene is set in the evening, while in the final game the mission is set in the morning.
  • According to the Rockstar Games Social Club image for Legal Trouble, regular Police Cruisers were used during the pursuit instead of the Interceptor-style Cruisers used in the final game.
  • The news report seen through the Weazel News heli camera saying "Police find missing submarine and unrefined uranium intact" references a mission earlier in the game's story.

Walkthrough Information

  • A yellow Grotti Carbonizzare[3], a black Benefactor Surano[4], and a white Dewbauchee Rapid GT[5] spawn at the studio and can be kept post mission. The former two are indestructible before the mission.
    • These three vehicles have reinforced axles for the mission, meaning they can withstand more frontal and rear chassis damage and won't cause the wheels to become stuck nor causing it to suffer from deformed wheels, although the vehicle's wheels will still appear deformed, and the vehicle itself isn't any more durable to engine damage, explosives or gunfire.[6]
  • The Packer towing the tanker trailer is scripted to spawn green.[7]
    • The truck is scripted to crash into one of the tailing police cars and explode, however if the police car is destroyed before the truck manages to reach it, the trailer will simply disconnect and the truck will tipple over, without exploding.[6]
  • Molly's car, a red Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio[8], cannot be obtained as it despawns after collecting the film reel.
    • Furthermore, the car cannot be overtaken during the mission. It will dramatically speed up if the player manages to do so. Its physics also mean nothing can stop the vehicle, i.e, if a police car manages to get in front of it, the car will act heavy and will simply push the vehicle out of the way with ease.[6]
  • Once the player reaches the first destination, all ambient traffic is removed and replaced with a scripted sequence[6][9]:
    • Two Police Cruisers pull in from Autopia Parkway chasing Molly. A red Maverick, acting as the mission's news helicopter spawns above, directly perpendicular to said road.
    • Along Exceptionalists Way, a black Bison spawns on the left, avoiding the cruisers, while a black Blista pulls into a carpark on the right.
    • Another Police Cruiser makes its way down Davis Avenue's exit slip-road, joining the chase.
    • A blue Bus and gray Manana make their way off the off-ramp on New Empire Way.
    • While entering the airport, an Air Herler Jet lands from the left. A white McGill Olsen Bison appears outside the Devin Weston hangar, and an Airtug passes by the small jet loading bays.
    • Along the helipads, a black Buzzard Attack Chopper takes off on the third helipad, while the scripted green Packer makes its way around the corner and explodes, destroying a Police Cruiser.
    • Another Police Cruiser joins the chase, while another one is blasted back by a FlyUS Jet reversing out onto the taxi lanes.
    • When the chase passes under the terminal, an Airtug passes across the chase's path.
    • Passing under the next terminal, on the airport's tarmac, a stationary Fire Truck is seen extinguishing a test plane on fire. Another fire truck to the left of the structure makes its way back to the terminal.
    • Approaching the runway, an Air Herler Jet lands, at the point the chase leads onto the runway. Two of the 3 police cruisers are destroyed by the jet blast, as two more join the chase from the left. At this point, 3 cruisers remain while leading back onto the southernmost pair of runways.
    • On the final runway, a police car is destroyed by the landing gear of another Jet landing. Shortly after, a Police Cruiser loses control, leaving only one cruiser chasing Molly, which comes to a halt as Molly enters the hangar, driving around the back and to the side door.
      • It is important to note that the colors of each vehicle will depend on whether ambient traffic previously spawned these vehicles; if, for example, a Blista had already appeared in random traffic before reaching this sequence, the color of the Blista within the scripted sequence may be different, as the order of vehicle colors will be dislocated.
      • Like vehicles, the liveries of the planes may also be affected; an ambient Jet can sometimes spawn outside Franklin's hangar, with a random livery. If this happens, the livery pattern of all other planes landing in the airport will also be dislocated.
  • There are two variations to each dialogue by both the police and Michael during the chase sequence.
  • During the chase, when the plane lands on a runway at the airport, several police cars will be jet-blasted backwards. Oddly, neither Michael nor Molly will be jet-blasted by the plane no matter how close they are to it. The same applies for Franklin and Trevor outside of the mission, as the jet blast remains unaffected for the characters.
  • The airport chase is a clear reference to the airport chase scene in "James Bond- Casino Royale", where the protagonist chases the target through the airport runway, followed by police, creating havoc along the way and ends up killing the target.
  • At the point where Molly crashes her car, an officer yells, "On the floor lady! On the fucking floor!". This same quote is said by Gustavo Mota in The Jewel Store Job if the Loud approach is chosen.[10]
    • If the police car is destroyed before reaching the hangar side-door, Molly will still shout "he wants to kill me!" despite the police officers not being present.[6]
      • Furthermore, the scripted megaphone quotes yelled by the police throughout the entire chase will play regardless of whether the police vehicles have been destroyed or not.[6]
  • Using any of the soda machines inside Devin's hangar will automatically trigger a mission fail, stating that "Molly escaped". Strangely enough, this also happens after Molly's death, using the soda machines on the way out will still fail the mission with the same message.


  • Despite Molly being sucked through the plane's engine in the hangar, the much lighter film reel somehow falls to the ground and remains intact.
    • The plane's engine and blades do not break after Molly gets sucked inside.


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    	vLocal_2535[13 /*3*/] = {-1013.316f, -2340.457f, 13.5678f};
    	fLocal_993[13] = -0.0086f;
    	fLocal_1029[13] = -0.005f;
    	fLocal_1065[13] = 0.5052f;
    	fLocal_1101[13] = 0.8629f;
    	iLocal_1822[13] = 113;
    	fLocal_1137[13] = 60000f;
    	fLocal_1173[13] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[13] = joaat("police3");
    	vLocal_2535[14 /*3*/] = {-1221.049f, -2731.169f, 13.5681f};
    	fLocal_993[14] = -0.0083f;
    	fLocal_1029[14] = -0.0057f;
    	fLocal_1065[14] = 0.6469f;
    	fLocal_1101[14] = 0.7625f;
    	iLocal_1822[14] = 61;
    	fLocal_1137[14] = 80000f;
    	fLocal_1173[14] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[14] = joaat("police3");
    	vLocal_2535[15 /*3*/] = {-1227.203f, -2735.872f, 13.568f};
    	fLocal_993[15] = -0.0041f;
    	fLocal_1029[15] = -0.0091f;
    	fLocal_1065[15] = 0.9133f;
    	fLocal_1101[15] = 0.4072f;
    	iLocal_1822[15] = 62;
    	fLocal_1137[15] = 80000f;
    	fLocal_1173[15] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[15] = joaat("police3");
    	vLocal_2535[19 /*3*/] = {-1240.048f, -2203.457f, 14.0347f};
    	fLocal_993[19] = 0.0002f;
    	fLocal_1029[19] = 0.0018f;
    	fLocal_1065[19] = 0.9611f;
    	fLocal_1101[19] = -0.2763f;
    	iLocal_1822[19] = 66;
    	fLocal_1137[19] = 55125f;
    	fLocal_1173[19] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[19] = joaat("firetruk");
    	vLocal_2535[20 /*3*/] = {-438.0192f, -2060.751f, 73.6354f};
    	fLocal_993[20] = -0.0005f;
    	fLocal_1029[20] = 0.0018f;
    	fLocal_1065[20] = 0.9559f;
    	fLocal_1101[20] = 0.2938f;
    	iLocal_1822[20] = 67;
    	fLocal_1137[20] = 0f;
    	fLocal_1173[20] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[20] = joaat("maverick");
    	vLocal_2535[21 /*3*/] = {-546.8047f, -2187.925f, 5.8819f};
    	fLocal_993[21] = -0.0252f;
    	fLocal_1029[21] = -0.0034f;
    	fLocal_1065[21] = 0.9369f;
    	fLocal_1101[21] = 0.3487f;
    	iLocal_1822[21] = 5;
    	fLocal_1137[21] = 3834f;
    	fLocal_1173[21] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[21] = joaat("blista");
    	vLocal_2535[22 /*3*/] = {-1001.674f, -2947.732f, 13.3947f};
    	fLocal_993[22] = 0.001f;
    	fLocal_1029[22] = -0.0004f;
    	fLocal_1065[22] = 0.8616f;
    	fLocal_1101[22] = 0.5075f;
    	iLocal_1822[22] = 6;
    	fLocal_1137[22] = 20176f;
    	fLocal_1173[22] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[22] = joaat("airtug");
    	vLocal_2535[23 /*3*/] = {-1249.588f, -2525.9f, 13.3942f};
    	fLocal_993[23] = 0.001f;
    	fLocal_1029[23] = -0.0001f;
    	fLocal_1065[23] = 0.9749f;
    	fLocal_1101[23] = -0.2228f;
    	iLocal_1822[23] = 7;
    	fLocal_1137[23] = 48538f;
    	fLocal_1173[23] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[23] = joaat("airtug");
    	vLocal_2535[24 /*3*/] = {-1362.538f, -2625.609f, 13.3895f};
    	fLocal_993[24] = -0.0001f;
    	fLocal_1029[24] = 0.0018f;
    	fLocal_1065[24] = 0.5344f;
    	fLocal_1101[24] = 0.8452f;
    	iLocal_1822[24] = 8;
    	fLocal_1137[24] = 75112f;
    	fLocal_1173[24] = 1f;
    	iLocal_2877[24] = joaat("airtug");
  10. Gustavo Mota: