"And tell me sir, are you happy? I mean has giving the man the, err, finger, really satisfied some inner urge within you sir?"

Leavis is a minor character in The Lost and Damned.


Leavis works as a maître d' at the Jousters Gentlemen's Club. He appears in two mission cutscenes during which he is the first person whom Johnny Klebitz meets whenever he enters the club.

Leavis' upper-class British accent and choice of profession serving the rich is met with ridicule by Johnny, who views him as outdated and subservient. When they first meet, Leavis attempts to eject Johnny after finding him offensive, but when Johnny clarifies he is there to meet Thomas Stubbs, Leavis backs down and leads Johnny to him. Their second encounter is much more cordial, with both men discussing whether their respective lifestyles bring them happiness, and both conclude that each can be happy in their own way.

Mission Appearances

The Lost and Damned


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