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The Vagos and Ballas are doing a deal. Steal the drugs and bring them back to G's crib.
— Description

Learning The Ropes is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is given to the player by Gerald. This mission is directly unlocked after the mission Mall or Nothing.


During the previous mission, Lamar received a call from Gerald about a drug meeting under the Olympic Freeway and Gerald is interested in the stuff. Lamar gives the address from the meeting to the player. Once the player arrives there, they will need to ambush a deal with some Ballas involved. It is not necessary to eliminate all of the enemies, as the prime target (drug carrier) escapes once the enemies are alerted and can be chased immediately.

Eliminate the carrier, collect the drugs, and deliver them to Gerald's apartment. Lamar will be there and he will introduce the player to Gerald. Gerald pays the player and invites him or her to some jobs. After the mission is completed, the player can now start discovering the world of Los Santos in Free Mode. The game will show cutscenes introducing the player to activities they can do.

The player will not attain a wanted level no matter what they do during the mission. 

Prior to patching in May 2015, players could take advantage of this loophole to:

However, all status will now automatically return to how they were before the mission started, thus rendering all the money, weapons and ammo collected during the mission void.


  • If this mission is played alone, it will instead be named Learning The Ropes Alone.