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Forbes: "You want info? How about this: There's a dealer's boat mooring out Downtown today. The dealer's not the trusting kind and only meets one on one. He's carrying money and coke, and he doesn't believe in bodyguards."
Vic: "Why should we trust you?"
Forbes: "If I'm lying, genius, I'm a dead man, right?"
Bryan Forbes tells the Vance Brothers about a drug dealer they can contact

Leap and Bound is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by undercover cop Bryan Forbes from an abandoned apartment complex in Little Haiti, Vice City.


After being tied in a chair, Forbes is now asked by Lance Vance and Victor for information about the shipments coming into town. He informs them of a deal going-on in Downtown and the dealer only meets one-on-one and doesn't believe in bodyguards. Lance goes to see the dealer while Vic goes up on a roof watching over him with binoculars. After a short moment Lance is kidnapped by the dealer and taken into a big freighter in Viceport. Vic gets in a car and follows the boat with Lance in it at shore and enters the big freighter. Sharks gang-members are protecting the place, Vic kills all the enemies on his way and makes it inside the freighter. After untying Lance, the two realize Forbes' information are fake. Victor, then, takes all the cocaine packages in the freighter and meets Lance on the shore.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Find a good vantage point to watch over Lance.
  • Use your binoculars to keep an eye on Lance.
  • Head down to the pier to help Lance.
  • Lance is on that boat. Get some wheels and chase after it!
  • Don't get too far away or you will lose them.
  • Lance has been taken aboard that ship. Rescue him.
  • Get onto the ship.
  • Enter the ship to find Lance.
  • Find Lance and rescue him.
  • Get down there and untie Lance.
  • Collect the contraband.
  • The rest of the contraband is on deck.
  • Collect the contraband.
  • Get off the ship and meet Lance on shore.


The reward for completing this mission is $1,500 and the mission The Bum Deal is also unlocked.


Victor Vance goes to meet Lance Vance at the abandoned apartment in Little Haiti, where he's interrogating Bryan Forbes for information.
Forbes: So, you want information, and what better source than a cop, right?
Lance: Hey, Vic, see? Great minds think alike!
Forbes: Yeah, fools seldom differ, dipshit. You want info? How about this: There's a dealer's boat mooring out Downtown today. The dealer's not the trusting kind and he'll only meet one-on-one. He's carrying money and coke, and he doesn't believe in bodyguards.
Victor: Why should we trust you?
Forbes: If I'm lying, genius, I'm a dead man, right?
Lance: I'll meet this guy, Vic. You can watch over me, and I'll see you down there.
Vic goes to the pier in Downtown and goes to the roof of The Greasy Chopper to watch over Lance, who arrives in a Comet to greet the drug dealer - a member of the Sharks. Vic witnesses the Sharks member knocking out Lance through the binoculars, who then drags Lance into a boat and swims away. Vic gives chase to the boat until it reaches a freighter in Viceport. Vic goes inside the freighter to find Lance.
Sharks Member #1: Hey, get him!
Sharks Member #2: Over there!
Sharks Member #3: Hey, you, note the asshole!
Sharks Member #4: I see him!
Vic gets to Lance, kills the Sharks members and unties him.
Victor: I thought this guy didn't use bodyguards?
Lance: Forbes' info is seriously out of date. I'll get us some transport, you get what we came for, and I'll meet you on shore.
Vic goes to find the contraband aboard the freighter, and leaves the ship, where Lance is waiting in a Perennial.
Lance: Hey, make sure that no one can see it back there.
Victor: Nice wheels...
Lance: I was in a hurry. The sooner I off-load this coke, the better. This junk heap ain't doing my image any favors. Hey, catch you later, bro!
Lance drives away.
Victor: Hey! Don't mind me, dick!

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