Leafy Hollow is a small rural area located in Flint County, San Andreas, that houses only one building and a farm owned by The Truth. It is situated close to the border of Flint County and Whetstone.

The farm makes two appearances in the storyline, first at the end of Body Harvest, when Carl delivers a stolen Combine Harvester for The Truth. After Carl raises enough money to pay The Truth for his marijuana, Carl returns to Leafy Hollow to pay him. However, the duo are ambushed by the police, who arrive in a helicopter attempting to arrest both Carl and The Truth. The Truth has CJ burn down his marijuana crops and shoot down the helicopter, before the duo drive to Carl's garage in San Fierro. Following this mission, the farm makes no further appearances in the storyline.

Stationary Vehicles


  • Along the dirt road leading to the main farm, there are signs reading "No Trespassing. Violators would be shot. Survivors would be shot again". However, no-one appears at the farm outside of missions.


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