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The Leaf Link Golfers, also known as the Golfers, are a group of Leaf Links Country Club members that appear in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Golfers can only be found around the island of Leaf Links and the streets surrounding it, although unarmed female members of the gang can spawn around the areas surrounding Washington Beach. The Golfers do not superficially appear to be a real gang, but are defined as a gang in the game's internal files. As such, VCPD officers will occasionally attempt to attack them, but the Golfers will usually win as their weapons do more damage. Killing them raises the "Gang members wasted" statistic and killing enough of them will show the Golfers as being the "Least favorite gang" of the player.

The gang almost always carry Golf Clubs, and will attack the player if provoked. They will also take out pistols if they can't physically reach the player with their clubs, even when in the golf course itself, which is unusual as guns are stripped from the player at the course entrance. They can be seen driving Caddies.

The male golfers are aging obese men who wear pink shirts, checkered shorts, red socks, and gray golfing shoes, while the female golfers are older slim women who wear white vests, pink shorts, and pink trainers. If the player kills a member of the gang, they will drop a large amount of money and a Golf Club.

Mission Appearances

GTA Vice City Stories

GTA Vice City


  • In later PS2 versions of GTA Vice City, a bug occurs involving the Leaf Link Golfers. If they are provoked and take out their pistols if they cannot physically reach the player, the game freezes.


  • The Golfers are the first gang in the series to have female members appear in gameplay.