"Have you got the right stuff to take laps around Blaine County with this race for fighter jets. Starts near Sandy Shores, goes through Grapeseed, along the North coast of the Alamo Sea, around Mount Jonah, and back down Raton Canyon toward the Grand Senora."
―-Race description

Lazer Quest is a long distance Air Race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 8 players. Players must race their Lazer jets over the longest lap circuit in the game, from Sandy Shores Airfield east around the Alamo Sea and around the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness returning through Raton Canyon.


Lazer Quest GTAO Race Map.png



  • It is a reference to Laser Quest, a real life game in which players run around a course attempting to shoot targets on each others body using an invisible laser signal.


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