For the van in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Laundromat (van).

Brownstone Laundromat, an example of a laundromat in GTA Vice City.

Laundromats are self-service laundry facilities. They are seen throughout the 3D Universe and HD Universe.

GTA Vice City

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, a laundromat in Little Havana has a Tracksuit clothing pickup. The store clerk can be robbed and this is a requirement for 100% completion.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, there are several laundromats around the Liberty City, three of which are accessible and have the same layout: a glass storefront and back door, providing the opportunity for a quick getaway. Their only practical use is the cash register. Stealing from it will net around a small amount of cash and earn the player a one-star wanted level, even if the laundromat is empty. The laundromat in Hove Beach was featured in the mission "Hung Out to Dry".


  • Munsee Ave, Downtown, Broker
  • Harrison St, East Island City, Dukes (Star Planet Laundromat)


In Grand Theft Auto V, there are several inaccessible laundromats, one being located in Davis.

Known Laundromats


  • The Laundromat also appears in Manhunt.

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