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A team of Online Players participating in a Last Team Standing job.

This is an article on the game mode. For the update, see The Last Team Standing Update.

Last Team Standing (LTS) is a competitive game mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. It can be played by up to 16 players, depending on the map.


Last Team Standing plays fairly similarly to Deathmatch. However, whenever a player is killed, they do not respawn. Instead, dead players are forced to spectate for the rest of the round. Just like Deathmatch, there are numerous item pickups across the map. These include weapons, health kits, and Bull Shark Testosterone.


Last Team Standing is often favored for its large payout, usually larger than Heist Setups. The way it works:

  • The more players in the LTS, the higher the payout is
  • The winning team is awarded the most money and the losing team is usually rewarded half of the winning team's money
  • The longer the round, the higher the payout is.

Prizes usually come in these forms for the winning team: $1300, $3000, $6780, and $10180. If there is not enough people for a $10180 prize, a $9210 will be rewarded instead. Also, if there are over 14 people in the match, a higher prize of $12700 will be rewarded to the winning team.

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