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(''Back inside the compound, Vic approaches Diego and starts shooting''.)
(''Back inside the compound, Vic approaches Diego and starts shooting''.)
'''Diego:''' Correle!
'''Diego:''' Correnle!
(Compound Roof, Vic, Martinez and Diego).
(Compound Roof, Vic, Martinez and Diego).

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Last Stand is the final storyline mission in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



It's time for revenge! The Mendez's killed Louise Cassidy-Williams, now it's time for revenge! Fly the Hunter you stole to the Mendez Compound, wreck the place and kill the last living Mendez, Diego Mendez!

The Mission

The mission is split in three parts:

1) Aero Strike: When the mission start you'll be on the Hunter stolen during mission Over The Top. Drive downtown to your target, The Mendez Compound, now start shooting at the windows and destroy the place, fire a couple of rockets, when you've dealt enough damage, a cutscene will make sure you're shot down.

2) Clearing The Compound: Now you'll be armed with a Minigun and you'll be inside the Mendez Compound, you're target. Getting to the roof of the compound and killing Diego. You'll be confronted with hundreds of Diego's men. Shoot your way across them and pick up weapons and health and armor pick-ups. Start to make your way to the building's top until you finally reach the roof. However, when you're on the last floor, Jerry Martinez will show up on a Maverick and send the driver to attack the place with the chopper. The guy will make a couple of passes with the chopper, so as he is in your sight, shoot at the chopper until it blows up. When you've blown up the chopper, go into the compound's roof.

3) The Mexican Stand-off: When you enter the roof, you'll meet an old friend. Sgt. Jerry Martinez, he'll aim at you with an M4 Carbine. As he prepares to kill you, Diego Mendez will show up to hear Martinez's confession about just "using those Mendez pricks!" and a mexican stand-off will set out. The stand-off will be broken as Diego starts shooting, now you have to kill both Martinez and Mendez. Mendez will shoot at Martinez, Martinez will shoot at you and you must shoot them both. When the stand-off is over and Mendez and Martinez are dead, the game's final cutscene will begin.

Lance arrives on a chopper and at first threatens the already dead Mendez and Martinez. But when seeing they're dead, he congratulates Vic. Then he proceeds to say he's sitting on 20 keys of coke. Vic tells him to get rid of the drug now since he's out of the drug business and both men swear never to touch drugs ever again. Completing this mission will unlock the "Winner" outfit avalible from your safehouse.


(Diaz's Heli-pad, Vic Vance and Ricardo Diaz).

Diaz: Mendez is Downtown - his place is like a fortress, but this baby. She'll tear the whole building down!

Vic: Great! When i'm done - we're done. Lance and I will owe you nothing!

Diaz: When you're done I'm gonna own this town. It's the American dream...and it's all because of you Vic. You're a hero...

Vic: No i'm an asshole! I spent all my time running around, making morons rich while my family fell apart and the woman I wanted died waiting for me to call!

Diaz: Woman? You need some porn? I just got in some crazy donkey porn. You'll love it. I'll be finished with it when you get back.

Vic: I'm not coming back Diaz and I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for me!

Diaz: Woohoo! Whatever you say tough guy. I'll see you around! Hahahahaha!

(Mendez Compound, Sgt. Jerry Martinez and Diego Mendez).

Martinez: Looks like Vic's partying without me! Sweep the building. Flush that turd up to the roof so I can finish this!

(Back inside the compound, Vic approaches Diego and starts shooting.)

Diego: Correnle!

(Compound Roof, Vic, Martinez and Diego).

Martinez: Ten-hut! Ha ha! Vic! I swear to God, I thought you were gonna salute me...Toss the gun!

Vic: Fuck you.

Martinez: Vic, still so uptight. You know what your problem is? You're trying to be a good guy in a bad man's game! I thought you had potential, but you're just another Mendez.

Diego: Me cago en tu madre!

Martinez: Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?

Diego: Vete a la mierda!

Martinez: You first.

(The Roof, Martinez and Mendez are dead, Lance arrives in a Maverick, Lance and Vic).

Vic: Thanks for everything Martinez. You were a great help!

(Lance arrives in a Maverick and aims his gun at the dead Martinez and Mendez.)

Lance: OK brother, let's waste these punks!

Vic: Lance, it's done!

Lance: Play time is over, bitches! Lance Vance is about to get brutal on you, and when Lance Vance gets brutal on a lady, somebody starts to cry!

Vic: Lance, Lance. Will you shut up. It's over!

Lance: What? Oh...well, we did it, baby! You and me!

Vic: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Hey, hey, hey listen. Now that things are straight with Diaz, we should get out of town or lay low for a while, you know?

Lance: Yeah, you're right man.

Vic: I'm gonna send some money to Pete!

Lance: Cool, but bro. I don't want you thinking it's all about you...That it's all about you.

Vic: Hey, hey, hey. I don't, I don't. It's all about you, me, Pete and mom, wherever the hell she is...

Lance: But wait, I've been making moves. I got hold of 20 keys man.

Vic: Are you crazy? Get rid of it!

Lance: No. All we gotta do is sit on it, It's hidden out of sight. Out of town man. We lay low and then we sell it.

Vic: No! No, No, I am not interested, got it?

Lance: OK, man. Whatever you say.

Vic: That's right!

Lance: Come on, let's pop!

(Camera shows Sgt. Jerry Martinez and Diego Mendez, and shows Lance and Vic leaving the building on the chopper)

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