"Seedy den of vice. Always littered with low-lifes, druggies and hookers. But a great cheap rate during the week."
―GTA San Andreas Website

The Last Dime Motel is a motel featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The motel is located in south Las Venturas, between Rockshore West and the Randolph Industrial Estate. The motel's size is sufficient for it to be counted as a district in its own right. Cars usually spawn within the parking lot in the center. The building is not accessible during regular gameplay, but can be accessed during the Burglary side mission.

The name 'Last Dime' implies that the motel is cheap and of poor quality. However, it could be a joke at people who have wasted all their money gambling in the nearby casinos (which Las Venturas is mainly composed of) and need a cheap place to stay.

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