The Las Venturas Hospital is a hospital in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located at the Las Venturas Airport, Las Venturas, San Andreas.


The design of the hospital is relatively simple, with two entrances in the building, one facing the Las Venturas Airport and one facing Redsands West. It appears as a 5-story building spanning just one block.

On the front side of the hospital is a large parking lot where numerous vehicles can be seen parked. An Ambulance is also found parked just outside the hospital entrance.

Various access doors are found around the building including the secondary entrance on the east. A large sign reading "Las Venturas Hospital" is also found near the entrance, and on the opposite side, signs for directions to the hospital wards. Several palm trees line the perimeter, as well as flower beds on the corners of the parking lot. Several shrub pots are also found along the building's walls.

The player will spawn at this hospital when they are killed within the boundaries of Las Venturas.


Prominent Appearances in Missions


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