The Las Venturas Fire Station, also known as "6254 Fire Station No. 3", is a fire station of the Fire Department of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Redsands West, Las Venturas.


The Las Venturas Fire Station is an FDSA fire station located in Redsands West, Las Venturas. It is the only fire station located within the city.

The building appears with four garage doors at the front with no parking signs along the pillars. It is a relatively small station with parking out-front, as well as space, including what appears to be a training area, around the back of the building.

The fire station has the number "6254" as an address. According to signage, the station houses a hazardous materials response team, with the slogan "Home of the hazardous material response team". A small haz-mat tech emblem is found on the sign out-front.

A Fire Truck can spawn outside the third garage. A random car may also be seen driving into the station grounds and parking. The driver will then get out and walk.



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