The Las Venturas Bank is an unnamed bank in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Roca Escalante, Las Venturas.


The building appears to be unnamed, however its file name vegasnbank1, suggests the building is intended to be a bank.

The building is a large building with a parking lot in the back and an American flag can be seen hanging above the entrance door. The parking lot consists of two levels, with larger parking space located in the underground floor of the parking lot. Random vehicles can be seen exiting the parking lot. However, no parked vehicles can be found in both levels of the parking lot. A Minigun can be found in front of the elevator door inside the underground parking lot.

The bank is possibly based on the Bank of America Financial Center in Las Vegas.

The underground parking lot is serving as the final destination for the The Dossier Carrier to ambush Carl Johnson with several FBI agents in the Misappropriation mission. However, if the dossier carrier is killed earlier, the building will not have a role in the storyline.


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