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Las Brujas (Spanish for 'The Witches') is a small ghost town appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, nestled between the Sherman Dam, Arco del Oeste and El Castillo del Diablo in Bone County, San Andreas.


The town is a two-street settlement populated by predominantly wooden buildings, appearing similar to a frontier town in the Wild West. Alongside the empty homes and businesses, the town also features a windmill and a small wooden chapel, complete with a fenced-in cemetery containing tombstones at the rear. Because the town is surrounded by rock formations, crashed planes may sometimes roll down into the town below.

There are no functioning facilities within the town and none of the buildings are occupied, except during missions for Mike Toreno (Interdiction) and Frank Tenpenny (High Noon). However, the use of the buildings during missions may suggest that the town is in the process of preservation. The town is also featured as the starting and finish point for the street race Desert Tricks.

Other prominent nearby locations include Area 69, Regular Tom and Verdant Meadows. The town may be based on the ghost town of Bodie, California.

The advertisement for Spittoon, a television program in Grand Theft Auto IV, is filmed in Las Brujas.

Places of Interest

Stationary Vehicles

  • Dinghy - At a small quay to the west of the houses.




  • There is a reference to the town on the police scanner. Occasionally the player may hear "We got a hysterical old woman in Las Brujas. Says she's a witch or something."