Larry Tupper is a bail jumper and an old acquaintance of Trevor. He can be found by an old farm just southwest of Grand Senora Desert.


Larry will have several thugs surrounding him, and will try to run down the hill if alerted. The best strategy is to use a Sniper Rifle to quickly kill the three thugs inside the Bison (try to aim in a way that hit both the driver and the passenger behind him in the same shot), and then the thug talking with Larry. Once they are all dead, run to the Bison and drive fast to catch Larry before he runs away. Just hit him lightly with the car and he should surrender. If the player wishes to kill him, the fastest way is to approach the car (try to use the stealth mode), and throw a Sticky Bomb in the car, then just detonate the bomb and the explosion will be large enough to kill both Larry and all the thugs.


If captured alive, Larry reveals that he used to buy drugs from Trevor but stopped after finding another drug dealer, then at some point he started to sell his own drugs, trying to take a piece of the market from Trevor which, understandably, did not at all please the unstable Trevor. Larry also has some contact with The Lost MC, as he mentions that he knows Johnny Klebitz and heard what Trevor did to him.

Maude's e-mail

Hi Handsome

If my sources serve me correctly, this pillar of society has been spotted hiding out in an old barn with a few of his cronies. He's a meth dealer with a history of violence so you two should get along just fine :)


Video Walktrough

GTA 5 - Maude(Bail Bonds) Wanted Alive or Alive Achievement Trophy

GTA 5 - Maude(Bail Bonds) Wanted Alive or Alive Achievement Trophy


  • Larry mentions that he used to cook his drugs in an old trailer, a possible reference to the TV show Breaking Bad.

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