Larry's RV Sales is a used motorhome dealership featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located at 2024 at Route 68 in Harmony, Blaine County. A billboard advertising the company can be found 0.16 miles up from an abandoned gas station in the Grand Senora Desert. As stated on the sign the company's caravans provide a "tiny stove, a miniscule toilet and a holding tank which holds four hundred and sixty-nine gallons of feces". The company's tagline reads: "Proudly serving Sandy Shores since 1971". Griff can be found in front of the store.


  • Campers can be found at the parking lot of the dealership, but they cannot be purchased.
  • A Phantom sometimes spawns in the parking area.

Radio Commercial

Imaging Voice: "Travel around the country in style in a recreational vehicle from Larry's used RV Sales! Spend your golden years living on a bus, with all the luxuries of home: a tiny stove; a miniscule toilet; and a shower, that's like a dog pissing on you. Imagine - spending weeks on in, living in a tin can, surrounded by 400 gallons of your own piss and shit in a holding tank. It's a true paradise! And far superior to any hotel or rental home. Many of our RV's get up to 6 or 7 miles a gallon! Downhill. Enjoy the nomadic lifestyle and visit RV campgrounds around this great country, where your new neighbors in the vehicle next to you are either fun-loving meth-heads or exciting and mysterious serial killers! Stop by Larry's Used RV sales today!"



  • If a player happens to park their car in the dealership's parking lot, get out, and then get back in it, they will receive a one star wanted level. This glitch was also present at Auto Eroticar, Westdyke Auto and Grotti Showroom, in Grand Theft Auto IV
  • The advertisement in Grand Senora Desert features a picture of a Journey even though they aren't present at the dealership itself.
  • Outside the store, a boombox is present playing songs from Rebel Radio, and if it's shot at, it'll stop playing.
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