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Trevor don't like cocaine, and he likes folks other than himself making money off it even less. These corporate dealer types are using Sandy Shores Airfield to move white cross country. Can you get hold of the planes, and take'em to the docks. It'll be difficult to land, so get someone on the ground to guide you in. R. Jakowski.
— Description

Landing Gear is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Ron Jakowski. It is available from 4 up to 6 players.


A rival drug dealing crew is using the Sandy Shores Airfield to move drugs cross country. The team needs to go to the airfield and eliminate the crew from the airfield. Once the enemies are all dead, there will be three planes inside the hangar. Three of the team members will have to fly them, meanwhile the other team members will have to fly the Buzzards parked outside the hangar to protect the planes. Several rival helicopters will try to destroy the planes. Taking the choppers down or just escaping from them, the team needs to land the planes in the Port of Los Santos.

Mission objectives

  • Go to Sandy Shores airfield.
  • Steal a plane.
  • Deliver the plane to the docks.

Video walkthrough


  • The players don't need to deliver all planes. As delivering one can complete the mission immediately if two planes are destroyed.