Lancet is a 5-block neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located on the eastern waterfront of Algonquin, Liberty City.


Lancet is located along the Humboldt River, and borders Easton and Presidents City to the south by Jade Street, Star Junction to the west by Columbus Avenue, and Hatton Gardens to the north by Lorimar Street.

As with most midtown Algonquin districts, Lancet is heavily developed and populated by towering skyscrapers, both old and new. The area is similar with the real-life Turtle Bay and Kips Bay in New York City (based on its proximity with the UN Headquarters), and like its real life counterpart contains a major research-based medical center, the Lancet-Hospital Center, which is the basis for the area's name (The Lancet is a famous medical publication, see the 'Trivia' section below). However, several other landmarks in Lancet are not necessarily based on buildings native to the bay area and draw inspiration from locations inland. Likewise, neighboring Hatton Gardens share certain attributes with Lancet, essentially linking the two districts more closely. Lancet also has two flying rats for Niko to find.

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Lancet does not have access to train services within the neighborhood. However, neighboring areas do, with Manganese East station on the Algonquin Outer Line in Hatton Gardens and the Easton interchange in Easton located roughly one or two blocks away from Lancet's limits.

Additionally, a footbridge that connects Broker and Algonquin through the Algonquin Bridge has an exit that leads to Albany Avenue in east Lancet. Lancet is also connected to Colony Island via a cable car station off Albany Avenue (just south beside the Algonquin Bridge), which directly carries passengers to Presidents Avenue on Colony Island.


  • The Kips Bay area of Manhattan, upon which Lancet is primarily based, is known for being the location of a host of major medical centers, several of which are involved in major medical research, and one of which is the direct basis for the Lancet-Hospital Center. In real life "The Lancet" is a world-renowned medical research journal, and is therefore highly likely to be the inspiration for the area's name, given its position as a major medical hub within Manhattan.



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