Aerial view of Lake Vinewood Estates.


Map location.

Lake Vinewood Estates is a small, high-standing residential neighborhood in Grand Theft Auto V within the Lake Vinewood area in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. It is accessed from Marlowe Drive. It is based on Lake Hollywood Estates, home of some real life celebrities.

Events in GTA V

Events in GTA Online


  • One of the 50 letter scraps can be found in the outdoor game room on one of the properties.



  • Occasionally, a police chase breaks out in this neighborhood, with the suspect traveling in a Felon GT.
  • The first home on the right as the player enters Lake Vinewood Estates is a replica of 3671 Whispymound Drive, with some minor differences (e.g. front entranceway missing, different arrangement of the solar panel array on the roof, additional airconditioning units on the roof, a different swimming pool, no visible interiors and no dog house in the back yard).
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