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{{DEFAULTSORT:Jonas, Lacey}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Jonas, Lacey}}
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[[de:Laecy Jonas]]
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"I'm really famous. I didn't do anything!"
— Lacey Jonas

Lacey Jonas is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in the random event Escape Paparazzi in Grand Theft Auto V. She is a celebrity who calls herself the voice of a generation.

Events of GTA V

"Passing a tattoo parlor (which you can enter if you wish), Michael notices a woman hiding behind a bus in a nearby alley. The woman is Lacey Jonas, a celebrity who calls herself the voice of a generation., This isn't just one of the several dynamic missions that may pop up on your map when walking through a neighborhood. Why is she in the alley? Paparazzi have staked out her car (which is hilariously called a Benefactor Surano). Michael nonchalantly walks up to the vehicle, smarts off to the cameramen, and peels away to pick up Lacey.

The paparazzi don't give up that easily. As Michael takes off in the sportscar, they give chase in a van. Laecy angrily voices her reservations about being photographed right now because she feels fat (she's not). When Michael asks what she did to generate so much attention, she replies, "I'm really famous. I didn't do anything!" Michael eventually shakes their pursuers and heads up to the safety of Vinewood hills."



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