General view of the diner.

La Vaca Loca is a diner in Grand Theft Auto V.


The diner is located on Macdonald Street in Davis, Los Santos and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is inaccessible to the player and plays no role in the storyline. It is most likely based on El Pollo Loco, a restaurant chain specialized in Mexican-style grilled chicken.

According to numerous signs pinned up on the building's windows, the business offers a variety of meals such as pastramis and fries; chicken, fries and salad; and burritos with tomato, lettuce and beans. As well as dining inside, customers also have a drive-through option.



  • "La Vaca Loca" means "The Crazy Cow" in Spanish. This is a reference to the Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), popularly known as "mad cow disease" or "enfermedad de las vacas locas" in Spanish.


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