La Spada is an Italian seafood restaurant featured in Grand Theft Auto V and located on Goma Street in La PuertaLos Santos. Its logo depicts the predatory fish: the swordfish. 


Outside the side entrance to the restaurant are three newspaper vending machines. The rear of the restaurant has twelve tables, five of them with their own umbrella. 


  • Common vehicles parked outside of the restaurant include the Ocelot F620 and the Benefactor Schwartzer.
  • The restaurant's name translates to the sword in Italian.
  • The first Drunk Driver side-mission, in which two drunk men are in need of a ride home, takes place outside. After a conversation, the character can take the clients' Baller or their own vehicle. If Trevor drives, he can choose to take the drunk man to the Altruist Cult village, in Mount Chiliad.


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