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La Spada is an Italian style seafood restaurant located on Goma Street in the Los Santos neighborhood of La Puerta. Its logo depicts the predatory fish, the swordfish. Outside the side entrance to the restaurant are three newspaper vending machines. The rear of the restaurant has twelve tables, five of them with their own umbrella. 


  • Common vehicles parked outside of the restaurant include the Ocelot F620 and the Benefactor Schwartzer.
  • The restaurant's name translates to 'sword' in English.
  • The first Drunk Driver side-mission, in which two drunk men are in need of a ride home, takes place outside. After the conversation with them, the character can take the clients' Gallivanter Baller or their own vehicle. If Trevor is the driver, he can choose to take the drunk man to the village of the Altruist Cult, in Mount Chiliad.
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