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A satellite view of La Mesa.

La Mesa is an industrial neighborhood located in East Los Santos. It is bordered by Mirror Park and East Vinewood to the north, Downtown to the west, Murrieta Heights and El Burro Heights to the east, and Cypress Flats to the south.


La Mesa, like other neighbourhoods in East Los Santos, is primarily an industrial neighbourhood. However, unlike other areas, La Mesa seems to be more developed, possibly as a result of gentrification from nearby Mirror Park. There also seems to be less gang activity as well. La Mesa is still an economically deprived neighbourhood with abandoned factories and warehouses. However, the presence of a Los Santos Customs indicates it is slowly growing out of poverty.

La Mesa mostly consists of a main road that passes straight through it, with a few smaller streets here and there. The main road is north-south, so it can either lead up towards Mirror Park or down to Cypress Flats. La Mesa is located right next to the Los Santos Storm Drain. The other roads in La Mesa can lead to the storm drain or to the outskirts of the city.


La Mesa is likely based on the Arts District in Los Angeles.


The neighborhood of La Mesa has no direct access to other highways but intersections can be seen around the neighborhood and its surrounding areas. There are also a small number of bus stops scattered around the area.

Roads and Streets

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