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A one-stop shop for gasoline, candy, potato chips, lottery tickets and soda. The American dream.

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LTD Gasoline, also known as Limited Gasoline, is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores in San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can buy stocks of the company at the website in GTA V.


The name Limited Gasoline could refer to limited oil resources, which is backed up by the company's slogan of "It's here 'till it runs out"; while also, in turn, referring to the eventual depletion of natural resources.

The name of their incorporated convenience stores, Limited Service, could also be a reference to how gas stations are stereotyped to have poor customer service.


For the past 40 years, our customers have trusted in the comfortable mediocrity of the LTD brand. We're open around the clock for your every convenience. Need change? No problem! Unlike some service stations that only keep a limited amount of cash on hand, our registers are always well-stocked and ready to serve you any time of day

— GTA V digital manual

Limited Gasoline has five stations around Los Santos and the state of San Andreas, and all of them are accessible. Like the competing 24/7's and convenience stores, the player can purchase food and drink items to restore health, or rob some quick money from the cashier. The player can also find ATM's and Jerry Cans at the filling stations. The filling station in Little Seoul also includes a Car wash service. In GTA Online, certain goods sold at LTD are used in quick actions which can only be carried out if the purchased goods are present in the player's inventory, thus requiring the player to periodically purchase more of these goods to use the action again.


Limited Service is most likely a parody of Union 76 or Gulf Oil, since all three share the similar shaped orange ball, and the physical style of the stations are very similar. Its logo also bears strong resemblance to that of STP Oil. The color scheme of dark blue, white and red is reminiscent of the Canadian gas station chain XTR Energy.





  • For some reason, the Sprunk machines are always labelled as "out of stock", possibly to add a sense of realism.
    • However, ECola machines can only dispense Sprunk. The only way to drink ECola is to buy it from the desk. (GTA Online only)
  • The Grapeseed location, for unexplained reasons, does not posess actual gas pumps; however, several gas tanks can still be found around the building.

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