The Liberty Transport Authority Headquarters is a building in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located in Downtown, Broker and is the headquarters of the Liberty Transport Authority (LTA).


Located in Downtown, Broker, the building is bordered by Munsee Avenue to the west, Earp Street to the south and Dillon Street to the north.

The building itself takes the shape of a trapezoid-like structure with a circular tower on an obtuse corner. The facades of the building contain horizontal striped patterns and windows as well as large glass doors on the ground floor. Flower beds and stairs are located along Munsee Avenue and the main entrance with the "Liberty Transport Authority" signage on the corner of the Munsee Avenue-Earp Street intersection just underneath the EL-train running north.

It plays no role in the storyline and isn't accessible in either game.

The LTA Headquarters is a replica of the New York City Transit Authority Headquarters located in Brooklyn.


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