The Los Santos Pounders (stylized as LS Pounders) is the professional football team based in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


Varrios Los Aztecas member Ortega wears the team's #2 jersey. Despite the real-life city of Los Angeles not having a professional football team in 2013, the Pounders are implied to be active, as pedestrians will refer to the team in a present tense.

The team is inspired from various Los Angeles football teams, such as the Los Angeles Rams (the name and usage of yellow in the uniforms), the Los Angeles Raiders (silver and black and shield), and the Los Angeles Chargers (the bolt design on the logo). The word "pounders" is both a reference to the name of the Rams (ramming; pounding) and to a sexual act.

Known Players

  • #02 - ?
  • #05 - Worms
  • #12 - Stont
  • #50 - Jackson


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