LS Jardineros is a soccer team based in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


There isn't much information about this team, but in SubUrban stores there is a hoodie with the team's emblem; also on Franklin's phone, there is a Jardineros background, possibly implying that Franklin is a fan of the team. They are a parody of the now defunct Mexican-owned MLS team Chivas USA, which were later spiritually revived as Los Angeles FC.



  • "Jardineros" means "Gardeners" in Spanish.
  • The font used by the team is a modified version of the Mexcellent font, which is a replica of the font used for the 1986 FIFA World Cup, which took place in Mexico.
  • Despite the team being a parody of Chivas USA, the team's logo doesn't really look like any American or Mexican soccer team.


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