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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.

The LS Car Meet (Los Santos Car Meet, LSCM) is an indoor facility in Grand Theft Auto Online added in the Los Santos Tuners update.


Exterior Location

The meet occupies the interior and roof of the dis-used Pißwasser warehouse opposite the Pißwasser Factory on Popular Street in La Mesa, Los Santos. Coronas are present at multiple garage doors for vehicular access and several pedestrian access doors.

As the player approaches the building, ambient sound effects can be heard of revving engines.

A makeshift checkered start-finish line is painted on Popular Street outside the building and the building has been graffiti-tagged with markings indicating it has been taken over by the LSCM with a Stance Andreas catch-phrase prominent.

The rooftop now has several tables set up and is an outdoor congregational area.

All players can select the LS Car Meet as a session spawn location to load into the interior of the meet every time they start playing Online or switch sessions.

Players can enter the meet without being members, but to take advantage of any of the features, a one-off $50,000 membership must be purchased from Mimi.

While inside the meet, members will automatically accrue Reputation points to level up their membership and unlock clothing, vehicle mods, vehicle trade prices and gameplay job features.


Players cam enter the meet on foot or in a Personal Vehicle. Weapon Wheel access is completely disabled inside the car meet. Some Weaponized Vehicles and ones with various special abilities can enter, but their weapons and functions are also rendered inaccessible.

Weaponized/Special Vehicles
Allowed Disallowed
General Vehicles storable in personal garages
Arena War Vehicles
All Special Vehicles are disallowed:
All Pegasus Lifestyle Management Vehicles are disallowed

The interior consists of two instanced zones.

LS Car Meet

The main car meet parking lot, where all player vehicles will intermingle with randomly spawned NPC-Modified vehicles on display in a large parking lot.


The meet is "staffed" by 5 permanent inhabitants and several other known characters may also appear randomly.

Permanent "staff"
  • Info-GTAO-HUDIcon.png Mimi - The head of the meet
  • LSCarMeetRaceOrganizer-GTAO-Icon.png Race Organizer
  • Blips-GTAV-ClothingShop.png Merch Shop Owner
  • Blips-GTAV-TattooParlor.png LSCM Tattooist
  • Blips-GTAV-ModShop.png LSCM Mod Shop Mechanic
Random attendees - any two of

When the player gets near any of the random attendees (except the Garage Mechanic), they will greet the player and farewell them when the player walks away.


The game will randomly choose about half a dozen of a select list of possible base NPC vehicles to spawn parked in the car meet:

Along with the randomly generated vehicles, certain pre-defined and/or constant vehicles will be found:

Can spawn - any two of
Test Rides

TestRide-GTAO-HUDIcon.png Three tuner vehicles available for test driving on the Test Track.

Holding the zoom button (z on Keyboard, D-Pad Down on a controller) will display vehicle information including an "Owner" field which will be populated for all player-owned vehicles in the Meet. NPC-owned vehicles, including the static ones above, will have the owner field left blank.

Test Track

TestTrack-GTAO-HUDIcon.png Visible from inside the Meet zone, the Test track is populated by a prop Drift Tampa. Players can enter the zone by getting in one of the Test Rides or from the special Vehicle Interaction Menu while inside their own Personal Vehicles.

Players can choose to enter a shared instance of the test track with other players in the session able to join, or enter alone and have the arena to themselves. If hosting a Private Takeover Meet, Test Track access is automatically shared with others in the private meet and can not be entered in solo mode.

The Test Track can be accessed directly from outside at the river side of the building by using the garage doors marked by the test track icon on the Radar.

Players can not exit their vehicle inside the Test Track. Holding down the key/button for vehicle exit will allow the player to exit the Test Track back to the main Meet space. Otherwise, the player can drive back to the marked gate where they can choose to enter the Meet space or exit the building. If testing a Test Ride vehicle, players can only return to the Meet space, they may not take the Test Ride outside.

Spectator Zone

Pedestrian access to the Test Track is disallowed except for two secure raised areas. These are accessible from doorways near the Tattoo Parlor and Mod Shop, and allows the player to access small alcove areas overlooking the track to view any other players using the shared test track session instead of the NPC controlled action visible from within the meet area. If there are no players in the Test Track shared session, the track will be empty, even if there is a player conducting a solo session. Players in the spectator zone can see new players entering the shared test track.


Three race types are available in the test track, although two can not be accessed in solo instances. A player launches each race mode from the LS Car Meet Interaction menu.

Time Trial

Set a personal best time around the marked LS Car Meet Test Track (1 player - all other cars will turn to non-contact ghost-mode).


Challenge another player to a 5 leg there-and-back drag race across the LS Car Meet Test Track space (2 players - contact on. All other non-competing cars will turn to non-contact ghost-mode). All other players in the Test Track instance will be invited to join. As soon as another player accepts the challenge, a timer will count down and both attendees will be automatically positioned at the start point. Each player has their own turn marker corona.


A randomized race around the LS Car Meet Test Track space where players compete to be the first to reach 20 checkpoints (2-4 players - contact on. All other non-competing cars will turn to non-contact ghost-mode). All other players in the Test Track instance will be invited to join. As soon as the minimum number of player accept the challenge, a timer will count down and attendees will be automatically positioned at the start point. All players share the same corona markers. Each checkpoint corona has a direction arrow pointing towards the location of the next checkpoint.


Interaction Menu

An LS Car Meet menu item has been added to the Interaction Menu when inside the meet.

  • Invite to LS Car Meet - brings players in the Free Mode lobby into the meet building
  • Request Personal Vehicle - Get the Garage Mechanic to deliver an active vehicle into the meet
  • Prize Ride Challenge - View the current challenge and progress towards completion and claim the prize if it is achieved
    • Claim Prize Ride
  • Sprint - Invites all other attendees in the meet (not in the Test Track) to a Sprint race.
  • Vehicle Options - remote vehicle options
  • Takeover Options - View customization options when hosting a private takeover
  • Test Track Access - restrict who can join the player in their shared test track instance.

While on the Test Track

  • Invite to LS Car Meet
  • Time Trial
  • Head-to-Head
  • Scramble
  • Leaderboards - View leaderboards for the three Test Track races
  • Test Track Access

In-car Vehicle Options

  • Rev engine
  • Mod Vehicle
  • Test Track
  • Exit LS Car Meet
  • Hide Vehicle Options


Talking to Mimi allows the player to purchase a membership, move their personal vehicle to a different spot (32 available spots in a public session) or host a Private Takeover of the meet space.

Membership stats are also available from Mimi, which allow the player to view the Leaderboards.

Private Takeover

Once the player has reached Reputation Level 20, they can pay Mimi $50,000 to have the entire Meet space to themselves with access granted to other players in the Free Roam lobby by invitation from the Interaction Menu only.

All staff are removed, and only the prop Mules and Boxville and Wrecks are left in the area. While the Mod Shop appears to be un-staffed during a Takeover, players can still access the Mod Shop and customize their vehicles using the in-car menu option.

From the interaction menu, players can set some customization options (banner and light colours). The player's active Crew logo will be shown on the banners.

An Info-GTAO-HUDIcon.png marks a vehicle management panel on a pillar in front of where Mimi is usually positioned which allows every player in the Private Meet to move their personal vehicle to any of the 76 parking spots.

While in the Test Track, looking back into the Meet zone will show a full public meet in progress, not the private meet.

If the Takeover host leaves the meet, guests will remain inside in the Private Takeover. When the host returns to the meet, they are given the option to re-enter their Takeover session or re-join a public LS Car Meet.

If a guest leaves the meet (to the ground or onto the building roof) they must be invited back to the Takeover Meet. Simply re-entering will take them back into a Public LS Car Meet session.

If the host leaves the Online session, guests will be kicked out of the takeover and re-load into the Public LS Car Meet session.

Prize Ride Challenge

Main article: Prize Ride Challenge

PrizeRide-GTAO-HUDIcon.png Every week, Los Santos Customs provides a prize vehicle which will be on display on the back of their Slamtruck in the Car Meet. Varying challenges will be set for players to achieve in order to win the prize car for free. These challenges may take several days to complete.

Merch Shop

The merch shop is set up out of the back of a unique prop spray-painted Mule. The shop owner sells Outfits and there are stacks of shoes, hats and a garment rack for the tops. All clothing is locked behind Rep Level and can only be purchased when unlocked. Wearing Car Meet clothing inside the meet will double the earning rate of passive Rep.

Tattoo Parlor

A tattoo shop is set up from a unique prop Boxville. No new tattoos are available.

Mod Shop

A four bay vehicle Mod Shop is available. Access for modifying any Personal Vehicles is from the Vehicle Menu while sitting in the vehicle. The shop is open to view by all players in the meet and they can watch the modifications being undertaken in real time. This is the only mod shop capable of applying the Low Grip Tires to the vehicles added in the Tuners update.

Test Rides

Week Image Test Rides
20 July 2021
Pfister Comet S2 Annis Euros Karin Calico GTF
29 July 2021
Pfister Comet S2 Vapid Dominator ASP Dinka Jester RR


The warehouse building that is home to the Car Meet is based on the buildings in Alameda Square, Los Angeles, where the iconic scramble scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious was filmed.

Inside the Meet, along with the previously listed specific character-owned vehicles and generic pre-modified vehicles, there are several specifically modified replicas of vehicles featured in film and other media, using models and liveries from prior to the Los Santos Tuners update. The Tuners update included many updated reference vehicle and livery combinations that are not used.

Replica Cars

Image Vehicle Livery/Description Source Notes
Dinka Jester Classic Orange with 10 Minute Car livery The Fast And The Furious
Brian O'Conner's '94 Toyota Supra
aka the 10 second car.
Bravado Banshee 900R Red with Stoplight Racer Graphics livery The Fast And The Furious
Dominic Toretto's '93 Mazda RX-7
Bravado Banshee 900R Orange with Black Two Tone livery The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Han Seoul-Oh's '97 Mazda RX-7 Veilside
Karin Sultan RS Red with Street Drifter livery The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
'06 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
Karin Sultan RS Metallic lime green with Blue Power Stripe livery 2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian O'Conner's '02 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
Annis Elegy Retro Custom Silver with Midnight Racer livery 2 Fast 2 Furious
Brian O'Conner's '99 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
Vapid Ellie Silver with Classic Twin Black Stripe livery Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
'67 Ford Mustang fastback
Vapid Hustler Yellow American Graffiti Ford 5-window coupe
Vapid Flash GT Black with Rum Racing livery Ken Block's gymkhana Ford Focus RS
Annis Elegy RH8 Gold (metals) Usain Bolt's golden Nissan GTR
Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Yellow Original 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds '67 Shelby GT500 Mustang Eleanor
Lampadati Viseris Yellow Original 1974 Gone in 60 Seconds De Tomaso Pantera A target
Albany Buccaneer Custom Purple XXX Pontiac GTO







Infrequently, a loud explosion can be heard inside.