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LHD-069 is an uncontrollable Naval amphibious assault ship featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is the first large-scale military ship to physically appear in a GTA games and is located at the Easter Basin Naval Station in Easter Basin, San Fierro. The ship carries a fleet of Hydras.


Accessible areas aboard LHD-069 include the flight deck and two internal decks; players do not have access to interiors of the upper levels of the ship's superstructure.

The flight deck is actually capable of functioning as a short takeoff and landing strip for nearly any plane; in addition to the superstructure, two SAM sites (inactive) are installed there, while a Hydra will also spawn occasionally at the same level after completion of the mission "Vertical Bird". The internal decks resemble warehouses, with crates and explosive military armaments (which obviously explode when shot at, similar to explosive barrel) scattered and stacked around the area. Large loadings bays on the upper deck and a wet dock in the lower deck are also incorporated into the ship, although both the loadings bays are only functional and the rear door separating the wet dock with open waters opened during "Vertical Bird".

Vending Machines are available in a recreational room on the upper internal deck, next to the stairwell to and from the lower deck; Forklifts on the upper internal deck and a Vortex hovercraft close to the lower deck's wet dock (which can be driven out up the stairs) can also be commandeered. In addition, a Tear Gas pickup may be found near a small box in the lower internal deck.

If the player attempts to board the ship by land, they would have to pass through the Easter Basin Naval Station, obtaining an automatic 5-star wanted level; attempts to reach the ship via aerial means will also result in the player obtaining a similar wanted level.

Prominent appearance in missions

The only time the player will be able to visit the ship fully is during "Vertical Bird" by Mike Toreno, this also being the only time when military personnel is present in the ship. With its rear cargo door opened exclusive during the mission, the player is required to infiltrate the ship through the wet dock and fight/sneak their way up the ship, use a loading bay to lift a Hydra onto the flight deck, and fly away on the plane.


  • LHD-069 is modeled after the real-life US Navy Wasp class amphibious assault ship. Also it was first commissioned in 1989 (compared with GTA San Andreas' 1992 timeline) and also uses an "LHD-x" classification to identify multiple Wasp class ships. As only eight Wasp class ships (numbered LHD-1 to LHD-8) were built, "LHD-069" is clearly a non-existent designation, with the "069" numbering deliberately selected as a running gag.
  • The LHD-069 and Easter Basin Naval Base can also be accessed by use of a cheat code which locks the wanted level, at a wanted level of 0-6 Stars.
  • The two SAM sites are only active during Vertical Bird, and will remain inactive during normal gameplay.


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