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Kwak (Korean: 곽) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, that appears in the mission "Deadline" of the Private Taxi Fare side missions.


Kwak is a South Korean singer that became famous in 2012, when one of his music videos went viral on the internet. In the video (entitled "Bitchz Got Seoul"), Kwak appears dancing around a pony with some strippers; the video was a huge success and got over 8 million views. His first name is unknown, as only his surname 'Kwak' is stated in GTA V.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Kwak will be waiting for Franklin in front of the 24/7 in Sandy Shores. He asks to take him to North Conker Avenue in Vinewood Hills. Kwak also asks Franklin to drive very fast and reach the destination as quickly as he can, because he is going to play poker with some friends and if he does not reach there fast enough, they will not let him play. A timer at the bottom of the screen will tell how much time the player has to take him to the meeting.

Once Franklin reaches the destination, Kwak will either be very pleased with Franklin's service and give him a big tip (if the player drove fast enough), or will be very disappointed and will not give him any tip (if the player did not drive fast enough).


  • Kwak is clearly based on the South Korean singer Psy, and his hit "Bitchz Got Seoul" is based on the viral video "Gangnam Style".
  • Kwak mentions along the way, that his father invented the sick bag, which he claims was just a paper bag lined with plastic. Their tagline is "So your sick don't drip."
    • The reason that Kwak was waiting in Sandy Shores, is because he was looking for fabrics to produce his sick bag in the USA.
  • Kwak shares his pedestrian model with members of the Kkangpae and Los Santos Triads.
  • Kwak speaks in a mild Korean accent; he uses some slang and euphemisms typical of more urban American accents.
  • Kwak is a poke towards the genre name, K-pop; the word Kwak is a play on K-wack.