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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

So, it begins! The funds are transferred, the paperwork is complete, and you are the kapitan now!
I am Helsman Pavel, reporting for duty! Did someone mention sub comes with top level operative for covert actions?
Well, that's me. Come aboard and I will give you the tour, and we will talk about what Mini Madrazo has in store for us.
This will be fun.
Pavel to the player upon purchase of a Kosatka

The RUNE Kosatka (Russian: Косатка, lit. "Killer Whale") is a large, Propaganda Class [2]nuclear-powered, guided missile submarine featured in The Cayo Perico Heist update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

It is maintained, operated and manned by Pavel.


Grand Theft Auto Online


The jewel of late Soviet era naval engineering with state-of-the-art systems and upgrades.
— Pavel on the Kosatka

The submarine takes design cues from the Russian Kelmar and Delfin Delta-class submarines and the Chinese Type 094 submarines.

The vessel is a large cylindrical Teardrop hulled submarine with a length exceeding that of the Galaxy Super Yacht[3]. The bow is spherical with a player-selected flag marked in the center, just below the surfaced waterline. A vertical sail (incorrectly referred to in game as a Conning tower[4]) with horizontal diving planes is located a quarter of the length back from the bow of the vessel. This is marked at the front with a Russian heraldic shield featuring a two-headed-eagle, 1896, the Russian naval ensign, a five-pointed star and the Ф Cryllic character. The player's flag is repeated on the side of the sail along with a prominent 81 numeric stencil. A light and mast are atop the sail, with the former able to be toggled on or off when submerged.

Immediately aft of the sail, a raised rectangular "hump" extends for approximately one third of the length of the sub. This houses the interior Moon Pool and Guided missile systems. Eight permanently open missile tubes are present in two rows of four. Plating sections on the hull forward of the missile tubes are indicative of the Moon Pool helicopter entrance hatch. Similar underside plating indicates the entry point for the submersible Moon Pool bays. The hump section tapers down to the tail where stabilizing fins and the twin seven-fin propellers can be seen. Inlet valves for the ballast system can be seen under the aft section of the boat.

An access door is at the front of the sail and there are access hatches just forward of the sail and aft of the hump. When submerging and surfacing, a unique dive alarm is heard.


The Kosatka's interior layout is very similar to the Ramius, a submarine featured in The Doomsday Heist.

Main Deck
  • The Bridge: This is the primary control room of the Kosatka submarine. Consists of:
    • The Helm - Located in the front right corner of the room, the Helm allows players to pilot the Kosatka.
    • The Periscope - Located next to the conning tower exit ladder, while surfaced above water, the player can observe the Kosatka's surroundings using the periscope.
    • Heist Planning Table - Located in the center of the room, it is a large, horizontal touch-screen that relays information and used to initiate and manage The Cayo Perico Heist. Any information displayed on the screen will be visible to other players, but only the owner can access and browse the menus.
    • The Sonar Systems (Optional) - Non-interactive station. The Sonar systems are activated/deactivated when piloting the Kosatka, revealing the positions of enemy submarines and hidden caches on the HUD map. They cannot be interacted with when in the interior and cannot be utilized by any players except for the owner.
    • Guided Missile Systems (Optional) - Located next to the Sonar Systems, there are two seats that allow any player to take remote control of a submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM).
  • Scuba station - on the port side just forward of the upper Moon Pool is the first of two stations where the player can change into their Scuba Suit.
  • Moon Pool (Landing Pad): The upper level of the Moon Pool, this room contains a helipad that stores the Sparrow (if purchased). The platform is on a lift that raises the stored helicopter through an unseen hatch in the top of the vessel. A ladder in the forward portside provides direct access down to the lower Moon Pool submersible level.
  • Security Room: This is a small checkpoint found between a staircase and the Sparrow Landing Pad. It features unusable lockers and closed monitors.
Second Deck
  • Sleeping Quarters: Forward section, port side. Several beds and lockers can be seen here, along with posters and small radio devices. It is located right under the control room. The room has 15 bunks stacked three high.
    • Captain's Quarters: Forward section, starboard side. The captains quarters contain an individual bed that facilitates the Kosatka's spawn point and a useable laptop to browse the internet. There is also a wardrobe that allows the owner to change clothes and save outfits.
  • Mess: A medium-sized room where food is served to the crew. It contains tables and chairs on one side and the galley on the opposite side. There is a long shelving unit where cans of food and other edibles are kept. It is adjacent to the living areas and leads to stairs to the lower level.
Third Deck
  • Brig / Weapons Workshop (Optional): A small room where errant sailors are kept imprisoned, found ahead of the stairs connecting to the middle floor. There is a small monitoring room and a cell room with two beds, able to keep two inmates.
    • If the player purchases the Weapons Workshop upgrade, a bench and wall mount containing various tools and Mark 2 weapons will replace the jail cell, allowing the owner to customize their Mark 2 weapons and resupply specialized ammunition.
  • Torpedo Room: 10 torpedoes stored in two racks, each containing four torpedoes and a fifth one on the deck. Six hatches on the front wall, where they would be loaded for launch.
  • Moon Pool: Located next to the engine room, this area features two floor bases that can hold one personal submersible vehicle such as the Stromberg or Toreador, as well as the Avisa if purchased. This allows players to board and exit the Kosatka using submersibles. (The Avisa bay is dedicated to it, and cannot be used for a second Stromberg or Toreador.) The ladder provides direct access to the Sparrow helipad above.
    • A second Scuba Station is located port-side of the aft pool.
  • Engine Room: A large two-level room where the engine is seen, with two elevated walkways passing above it. A set of stairs provide access to the middle floor and another walkway leads to another room with the ladder that connects it with the upper floor.

Several stairs provide connection between the levels, as well as ladders that allow players to exit the Kosatka through the forward or aft hatches or via the sail at the bridge.

Current Design Gallery


Grand Theft Auto Online


As an enormous submarine, the Kosatka handles relatively poorly due to its sheer size. The Kosatka is difficult to operate or perform evasive maneuvers. However, it has surprisingly good turning capabilities and while it has much slower acceleration, it has a high top speed that allows it to rival the Dinghy, due to its enormous engine and propellers.

The large frame and length of the Kosatka limits most of its presence to open water and will struggle to move in shallow waters and rivers, risking beaching if the submarine attempts to negotiate overly shallow or convoluted shorelines. It is also very hard to dock, requiring the player to step in water unless it is parked, for example, at the Del Perro Pier.

The Kosatka submerges and surfaces in a manner that befits a vessel of its size, and it is unable to descend nor rise at an angle as sharp as the other submersibles in the game, instead rising and descending almost horizontally.

While piloting the boat, there are only two camera views available, a long follow camera, and a First Person/Hood cam view which is positioned immediately on top of the crest on the sail overlooking the bow.

While driving, the player may engage an autopilot function (similar to that used on the Avenger) and leave the helm with the boat remaining in place. This also allows the vessel to remain underwater and avoid most threats, although this limits access for the Sparrow.

The submarine has the same dive depth limit of approximately 500 ft as the other submersible vessels.

WARNING! Approaching crush depth!
DANGER! Hull integrity critical!
Alert! Catastrophic hull damage!
Your Kosatka Blips-GTAO-Kosatka.png has been destroyed
You died

When the vessel is destroyed, the player will respawn on land and can request it from Pavel via the Interaction Menu without a cooldown.


The Kosatka is one of the weakest command centers in the game, only able to withstand 12 homing rockets before destruction. Paired with its sluggish mobility and enormous frame, the Kosatka is extremely vulnerable to damage and can be destroyed by enemy aircraft and even other submarines in direct engagements. It is virtually immune to small arms fire and regular bullets.

However, the Kosatka is capable of staying off radar if submerged underwater, allowing it to stay hidden from enemies unless they are in close proximity to the submarine, or own a Sonar System upgrade for their own Kosatka.

It should be noted that due to its nature as a naval vessel, it can be difficult to even reach the Kosatka, allowing the submarine to keep its distance from the mainland and firmly out of range of threats such as the Homing Launcher and RPG. Only vehicles like the Stromberg and the Toreador can reach the submarine and outmaneuver it, so players have to be aware of such threats.


The Kosatka features three unique on-board weapons:

  • Torpedoes - Similar to the ones found on the Stromberg, these torpedoes are launched when a player is driving the Kosatka from the Helm. They can be launched every second, but due to the size of the submarine, it has a relatively short range that requires the Kosatka to be uncomfortably close in order to get a lock-on.
    • Much like the torpedoes fired from the Stromberg; if the Submarine is angled upwards, the torpedoes will fly out of the water and continue travelling in a straight line until they self-destruct or hit something. If the target is locked-on by the Kosatka, the torpedoes will follow their target out of the water as well. However, it is limited to lock on other maritime vehicles.
    • Unlike the torpedoes depicted in the forward storage room, the projectiles simply use standard RPG models and clip through the bow where the exit ports are supposed to be[5].
  • Periscope Missile Launcher - When a player is using the Periscope, they can lock-on to a single target and launch a homing missile every second. The missile's performance is on par with the Oppressor Mk II but features a significantly reduced top speed and acceleration, making it difficult to engage and hit fast moving targets such as Jets. These are launched horizontally from the top of the mast on the sail where they will rise, pause, and then seek the locked-on target.
    • The missiles will detonate upon making contact with water, preventing them from effectively hitting other submersibles such as another Kosatka.
    • The weapon requires manual lock-on to effectively fire the missiles at a target, similar to the Anti-Aircraft Trailer with the SAM Launcher installed, and the Chernobog. It takes one second to lock on to a target like most homing missile launchers, and there is a cooldown of about 1.5 seconds between firing a missile and locking on to a target again.
    • The periscope has an elevation range between -35 degrees and 85 degrees, able to attack aircraft from almost above the Kosatka and boats/amphibious vehicles positioned nearby. It also has a brighter lens, allowing the operator to clearly see targets during nighttime.
  • Guided Missile Systems - Unique to the Kosatka, the guided missiles can be manually controlled through a camera and directed towards any target. Upon launching a missile, the player's camera will shift to the front of the missile and can be steered like any aircraft. Missiles launch vertically from the submarine but will already be horizontal by the time the player is given control. The missiles will always launch upward regardless of the orientation of the Kosatka (even if it has rolled on its side after being beached for instance).
    • The missiles are visually identical to those launched by the Chernobog.
    • The guided missiles are relatively slow and can struggle to keep up with aircraft that have high top speeds. They also have a wide turn radius. However, on the PC version, the guided missiles have an extremely small turning radius, are very precisce, and are quick to turn with a mouse and keyboard, thus giving PC players a significant advantage when using them.
    • The missiles have a limited range of 4,000m / 13,123ft relative to the submarine before self-destructing, with a warning appearing at 3,500m / 11,483ft. However, they have an infinite travel time, allowing the user to stay in the air as long as needed so long as they are kept within range of the controller.
    • When the Kosatka is submerged, players cannot launch guided missiles but once launched, the Kosatka can return underwater to stay off radar with the missiles still active in the air.
    • There is a 1 minute cooldown per missile but both seats have independent timers.
      • The cooldown begins when the missile is destroyed, not when it is launched.
    • The guided missiles are destructible and can be shot down and intercepted mid-flight. It can be destroyed by small arms fire through means such as the minigun.
    • The blast radius is decently large but the damage is equivalent to that of the RPG, making it rather ineffective against heavily armored threats such as the Insurgent or the TM-02 Khanjali.
    • Exiting from the missile camera will cause it to immediately self-destruct mid-air, allowing it to potentially destroy or kill anything within its blast radius.
    • The guided missiles will detonate upon making contact with water, preventing them from effectively hitting other submersibles such as another submerged Kosatka.


What better headquarters for plotting the elaborate offshore raid on a private tropical island than a decommissioned nuclear submarine?
— Rockstar Newswire [1]

In addition to the heist planning computer for undertaking The Cayo Perico Heist, the Kosatka has additional functionality.

  • The Moon Pool levels allow limited customization of the Sparrow, and functions as a Weaponized Vehicle Workshop.
  • The counter of the Mess features a box of E-Cola and Redwood cigarettes where players stock up on "supplies" (all snacks) for free.
  • There are many re-spawning pickups located throughout the vessel, including:
Weapon Image Location
Assault Rifle
Near the stairway from 2nd to 3rd deck forward of the Moon Pool.
Compact Rifle
On a bunk bed in the Sleeping Quarters.
Flare Gun
In the security room, under the desk.
In the far-aft corner of the of the engine room, deck 2.
Molotov cocktail
On the dining table in the Mess.
In the torpedo storeroom.
Vintage Pistol
On the shelves in the Galley.

During the Heist preparations, collected equipment will appear throughout the boat:

Image Location Item/s
Captains quarters - desk. Fingerprint Cloner
Captains quarters - floor. Plasma Cutter
Mess hall - table. Demolition Charges
Cutting Torch
Bridge Sonar Jammer

Interaction Menu Options

The Kosatka is added to the Interaction Menu under the services section with the other vehicle properties like the Galaxy Super Yacht, Mobile Operations Center, Avenger and Terrorbyte.

Outside the Kosatka
  • Services
    • Request Kosatka
    • Request Vehicle
      • Sparrow > Avisa
    • Request Dinghy
      • Pavel will deliver a Dinghy to a location nearby
    • Return Options
      • Return Kosatka to Storage
        • Pavel will return your Kosatka to storage.
      • Return Kosatka to Open Water
      • Surface your Kosatka
      • Return Moon Pool Vehicle to Kosatka
      • Return Dinghy to Storage
    • Access Options
      • Kosatka Helm
        • Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew+Friends > No-one
      • Moon Pool Vehicle
        • Everyone > Crew > Friends > Crew+Friends > No-one > Passengers
    • Empty Options
      • Empty Kosatka
        • Force players to exit the Kosatka.
      • Empty Kosatka Helm
        • Force players to exit the Kosatka Helm.
    • Scuba Gear
Inside the Kosatka
  • Invite to Kosatka
    • Invite players to your Kosatka

While seated at the Helm, the owner can choose to Fast Travel to set locations, similar to the Yacht. This will cost $10,000 per trip or $2,000 after completion of The Cayo Perico Heist as leader. Locations available:

Daily Fees

Owning a Kosatka incurs a daily fee of $150 for Staff and Utility charges.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The minimum base cost is $2,200,000 and for every non-default aspect, the price is increased.

The player can modify the vehicle options at any time by re-visiting Warstock Cache & Carry and re-specifying the customization options, but will not receive any credit for previously paid for options.

Section Options Image In-game description Price
Color Default Red and Black
Choose your color scheme $0
Grey and Black
Red and Green
Red and Light Blue
Dark Blue and Light Blue
Green and Light Blue
Red and Tan
Bright Red and Light Grey
All Dark Blue
Orange and Light Grey
All Green
Red and Yellow
All Black
All Light Blue
All Bright Red
All Light Grey
Flag Default Scotland
United States of America
European Union
South Korea
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Czech Republic
South Africa
United Kingdom
Sonar Station
Imagine. The incredible science of sonar technology is at your fingertips, allowing you to track the submerged subs around you, calculating their threat, planning your attack. But that's not what you're going to use this for is it? You're going to use this to unt for hidden treasure. Because another high-tech pirate is just what the Pacific Ocean needs...
— Sonar Station
Guided Missiles
The words "guided missiles" cover everything you need to know. But throw in "remote", "station" and "4000m range", then "absolute carnage" and "total destruction". There. Let's face it, this is what you're here for.
— Guided Missiles
Weapon Workshop
What's the one thing every submarine captain's personal quarters need? A colossal hot tub? A vibrating bed? No! It's a Weapon Workshop of course. Because other than sleeping and eating, modifying weapons should be the only thing you think about in private.
— Weapon Workshop
Moon Pool Vehicles Sparrow
What's more exciting than a helicopter? A miniature helicopter! What's more exciting than a miniature helicopter? A weaponized miniature helicopter! What's more exciting than a weaponized miniature helicopter? Nothing. Stored and launched from your moon pool.
— Sparrow
Kraken Avisa
Now you can have an almost uninterrupted view of San Andreas' beautiful underwater habitats. Just think of all the wrecks, waste spills and soon-to-be-extinct species you'll see! Stored and launched from your moon pool.
— Kraken Avisa

Image Gallery

Grand Theft Auto Online

Official screenshots
Images on Warstock Cache & Carry




Special Variants

  • A duplicate prop model can be seen during the Cayo Perico Heist finale should the player choose it as the approach/getaway vehicle. This version is different from the drivable version in that it has no equipment or light on the sail, closed missile tubes, no railings around the tubes, and no flags marked around (albeit using the current colour scheme of the drivable version). It also has two circular lamps on the front end.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online


Grand Theft Auto Online

In order to purchase the Kosatka, meet Miguel Madrazo at The Music Locker and discuss his job opportunity.
Visit to purchase a Kosatka submarine. This gives you access to The Cayo Perico Heist as a VIP, CEO or MC President.
Ahoy, captain! I was given your number by Mini Madrazo. He said you were in need of my services. And my Kosatka. Come my friend! It is listed on Warstock Cache and Carry. The captain's chair is waiting!
— Pavel's text.
    • As of the Los Santos Tuners update, players can request it again while being active, allowing for easier relocations (though still subject to the 2-minute cooldown).


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Similar to most interiors, the Kosatka's interior is located near the Vinewood Racetrack. Entering a new session with an active Personal Vehicle and the Kosatka set as the spawn point simply parks the vehicle on this racetrack.
  • The access door on the front of the sail is actually a functional door, similar to the side doors of the Cargo Plane. However, it is never used.
    • Similarly, despite not being able to exit it like normal vehicles, the Kosatka is coded to give scuba gear, similar to the Dinghy and the small submersibles. This results in the player frequently wearing a mask after driving it.


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The icon of the Kosatka may randomly reposition and overlap with any other player-owned vehicles on the map[6], making the submarine hard to find on the sea. This may also happen with Organization vehicles.
    • It also tends to overlap with a Galaxy Super Yacht before being relocated to where it is supposed to be.
  • The Kosatka may incorrectly spawn on land if the player chooses it as a spawn location to enter a session. It may even become stuck in a building, destroying it in the end[7].
  • Rarely, an NPC might appear halfway clipped into the Kosatka's sail. This NPC is invincible and fully passive but will still react to being threatened by a weapon and gunfire.
  • Under certain circumstances, shadows of foliage can sometimes be seen inside the Moon Pool.[8]
  • Sometimes, the Kosatka may spawn floating away in a weirdly manner, to the point of even floating mid-air constantly. Attempting to approach it may result in the character unable to enter or even move through the vessel, with the only way of fixing this issue being leaving the game and logging on again, or switching sessions.
    • This can also be avoided by entering the Kosatka with any of the vehicles stored in its interior, as the vehicles do not need to make physical contact with the Kosatka's hull. This also fixes the Kosatka's erratic behaviour upon exiting it.
  • It is possible to have another large vehicle (Mobile Operations Center, Avenger or Terrorbyte) while having the Kosatka active, by retrieving one of the vehicles from their respective properties directly rather than using the Interaction Menu.
  • Sometimes, the control panels of the vessel and the missile station will become brighter than usual, possibly a lighting issue. This is easily fixed by either using one of the corresponding seats or leaving the sub and entering again.
  • When on the surface, a large square portion of water will become static and will not react with the environment (i.e. remaining calm even in stormy weather).
  • Rarely, taking control of the Kosatka immediately after using the quick travel functionality will result in the submarine moving by itself at higher speeds than usual and not responding to the steering controls. While the player can still control the depth of the vessel, it may have a heavily delayed response upon gaining vertical speed, risking the player reaching the crush depth and being wasted in the process.


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