The Kortz Center is an arts and entertainment museum featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


It is located on Kortz Drive in Pacific Bluffs, northwest of Los Santos. The Center can also be accessed via footpath from West Eclipse Boulevard. It is based on the real life Getty Center in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

The Center is home to cultural foundations, research centers, and museums. It is divided into four buildings: Low Rotunda, Bell Building, Biranda Building, and Moseley Building. There are sculptures, terraces, and gardens in its area, as well as a vehicle parking and a labyrinth. The institution is known for its architecture, gardens, and views overlooking Los Santos.


The exhibits are each located individually in one of the main four buildings at the center.

Image Exhibit name Description Building
KortzCenter-QingDynastyLove Qing Dynasty Love Wu Sangui Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Low Rotunda
KortzCenter-PharaohsRiches Pharaoh's Riches A journey through the Egyptian dynasties. Moseley Building
KortzCenter-LibertyCityTales Liberty City Tales The cultural changes in Liberty City gangs 1970-present. Bell Building
KortzCenter-RussianLiterature Russian Literature Relative to the political changes in Europe. Biranda Building

Events in GTA V

Events in GTA Online





  • Church bells can be heard every hour on the hour.
  • Being spotted in the Center by security guards after hours will result in a one-star wanted level.
  • The parking lot at the side commonly spawns high end cars like the Feltzer, Coquette, Carbonizzare, and Infernus. In The Wrap Up, multiple Carbonizzares, Dominators, and a Vacca spawn in the lot. There are also Merryweather variants of the Mesa present during the mission.
  • After the mission The Wrap Up, a destroyed Merryweather chopper can be seen in one of the fountains for the rest of the game.
  • The banner for the "Qing Dynasty Love" exhibit at the center has the wrong description, it uses the description from the "Russian Literature" exhibit, even retaining the reference to Europe. The correct description can be seen on the yellow plaques outside the Low Rotunda building.
  • The Center is a drop-off destination in the Taxi Driver side job.


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