The Koresh Square

Koresh Square is a street in Alderney City, Alderney, featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Koresh Square has a large Korean-America population and numerous businesses. It is not far from the Alderney Safehouse. As such, Korean Mob members can occasionally be found around the area.

Events in Grand Theft Auto IV

Koresh Square is featured in both ending missions. During Out of Commission (Revenge ending), it is where Niko meets Little Jacob and Roman Bellic in a Cognoscenti before chasing some goons that eventually lead them to Jimmy Pegorino. During A Revenger's Tragedy (Deal ending), Niko also meets Jacob here before chasing some goons that lead them to Dimitri Rascalov.




  • Like most streets and avenues in Alderney, Koresh Square is named after a cult leader. In this case, it is named after Branch Davidians leader David Koresh.


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