P-996 LAZER performing a knife through two buildings.

Knife Flights are a miscellaneous challenge in Grand Theft Auto V.


It requires the player to use a fixed-wing aircraft (helicopters can not perform a knife) and fly with the wings aligned vertically (a.k.a. knife) in between 15 sets of buildings around the game world to complete part the "Close Shave" achievement/trophy. The player also needs to complete all 50 Under the Bridge challenges in order to fully complete the "Close Shave" achievement/trophy.

Any 8 of the 15 knife flights also count toward 100% completion.


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  • It is highly recommended the player completes Flight School at least up to the "Knife Flight" mission as knifing can prove to be quite difficult for inexperienced pilots.
  • In fact, it is more convenient to do Knife Flights during Flight School missions, since crashing simply fails the challenge and restarts it, rather than killing the player and respawning them at the nearest hospital. Begin the "Knife Flight" or "Loop the Loop" challenge, go through the first (takeoff) checkpoint, and from hereon the player can ignore the instructor without the mission failing.
  • The Mallard and Duster are the most recommended aircraft to complete knife flights (for inexperienced pilots), while the P-996 LAZER and Besra are suitable for experienced pilots.


GTA 5 PC - All Knife Flight Challenges

GTA 5 PC - All Knife Flight Challenges