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Not to be confused with King of the Castle, a Freemode Event.

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King of the Hill is a game mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the The Diamond Casino & Resort update, released on October 10, 2019, during the Jugular Week event. On the map, they are marked as a single blue crown for a standard match and three crowns for a team match.


In the lobby, the host can choose between a normal (deathmatch-like) or team match; if the latter is chosen, the amount of teams can also be changed, up to a maximum of four. The time limit and target score can also be set.

Once the match starts, players battle to take control of three "Hills" (checkpoints) located around the map. These are represented by large circles at three locations. Neutral checkpoints are coloured white, friendly ones blue, and enemy ones red. On the map, these are marked as coloured circles with A, B, or C in the middle. There are usually various props located in or around the circle, which can be used as cover.

At the beginning of a match, all three checkpoints are neutral. Once a player gets inside the circle, the process of capturing the hill starts and takes three seconds. After this, it turns blue; the enemy players see this as red. Captured checkpoints accumulate points, which slowly fill the bar located at the bottom right of the screen. Depending on the type of King of the Hill chosen, the bars will be for teams or for individual players, but the mechanic is the same for both.

Once a team or player (depending on the mode) completely fills their bar, the match ends and that team/player is pronounced the winner. If the time runs out before any player/team fills their bar, the team/player with the most filled bar wins.

List of Missions

Mission Description

"Sun's up, surf's up, and competition for the best spots down at Vespucci beach is about to get serious."
―In-game description.

"Chamberlain Hills is so edgy even the hipsters are too scared to gentrify it. There's only one way to stimulate a housing market this sluggish: a little artificial competition."
―In-game description.

"For a long time this place was nothing but stray dogs and trailer parks, but throw in a few oil derricks and suddenly the real estate speculation gets pretty intense."
―In-game description.

"How do you know when the rush for city center parking sports is starting to get out of control? Well, get your parachute nice and tight, check your SMG ammo, and let's walk it through..."
―In game description.

"It's the little things that give it away. The pitched battles, the caches of automatic weapons, the never-ending turf war. This isn't just some lawless slum. Whoever controls these projects controls the whole south side."
―In-game description.

"Why is it so important for every criminal gang in the state to be in control of a lumber mill in the backwoods of Paleto Forest. Honest answer? They don't know either, but the other guy sure as hell isn't going to have it."
―In-game description.

"With only a few minutes before a shipment of seized goods rolls into the station, you can be sure of one thing: every tax-exempt entrepreneur in the city is on the way, and platform space is at a premium."
―In-game description.


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