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We already know who the fucking bad guys are, man. Your stinking Grove Street brother Smoke, and those chota pigs Tenpenny and Pulaski!

Cesar Vialpando

King in Exile is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Varrios Los Aztecas veteran Cesar Vialpando from a home in the trailer park in the town of Angel Pine in Whetstone, San Andreas.


Carl enters the trailer, with Cesar and Kendl being there. They greet each other, with Cesar furious over the recent events in Los Santos. Cesar angrily expresses a desire to return to the city and put to stop the drug dealing on his gang's turf, but Carl and Kendl dissuade him from doing so. When Carl tries to calm Cesar down, the latter reminds and explains to Carl that Big Smoke and the C.R.A.S.H. team are behind the drug dealing. Carl responds to Cesar with incredulity, arguing that Big Smoke would never get involved in drug dealing, and that the drug epidemic is the fault of the C.R.A.S.H. team. Both Kendl and Cesar try to convince Carl of Smoke's responsibility for the dealing and Balla/LSPD ambush of the Grove Street Families, but Carl is still unwilling to believe them. Deciding to monitor the highway from San Fierro to Los Santos for any suspicious activity, Carl leaves the trailer after telling the pair to lay low for a while.


There is no reward for this mission, but Catalina will call Carl after its completion, unlocking the mission First Base, Loco Syndicate Drug Courier and Big Smoke's Cash.

Post-mission phone call script

Carl Johnson: Hello?

Catalina: Where you been, asshole? Why don't you call, eh?

Carl Johnson: Well, I was just about to call you, but-

Catalina: LIAR! You've been hanging out with those stinking putas!

Carl Johnson: No! No, if you'd just let me-

Catalina: Silence! Get up here, we've got places to rob!

Carl Johnson: Look, I'm in the middle of some shit right-


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  • As with Fish in a Barrel, no "Mission Passed" message appears at the end of the mission.
  • The music played in the Trailer is "Between The Sheets" by The Isley Brothers, which can also be heard on Bounce FM.
  • This is the only time Kendl calls her brother by his nickname, CJ.
  • When saving the game after this mission, the name of the save is actually of the previous mission, Body Harvest.


A unique glitch can be triggered which will render the storyline unable to continue. If the player dies while taking the phone call from Catalina (i.e. by the police with a wanted level), the "mission" will fail and the game will be softlocked. The player will be unable to restart the mission; the marker will remain on the map, yet nothing happens when the player steps on it.

The player could get around this glitch by reloading their last save game, but saving the game while in this state of being softlocked will render the glitch permanant.