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We've got some hot news comin' in! This weekend we've got three escaped convicts, all in good shape, for sport huntin'!
— King 130.7

King 130.7 (also known as Rebel Radio) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto 2. It is hosted by Marshall Nash and plays punk, hard rock and pop.


The station has an over-all rough redneck attitude. The music of choice is punk, hard rock and, strangely, pop. It is only available in the Residential District of Anywhere City. The frequency is 130.7 FM.

The DJ is Marshall Nash, who has a thick Southern accent. He broadcasts news of escaped convicts, encouraging listeners to hunt them. He also seems to be a somewhat old-fashioned guy, as he listens to music in his 8-track player and invites to the station an owner of an old pick-up he saw driving around.

King 130.7 is the Redneck gang's favorite radio.


For the original songs the year of release is that of GTA 2: 1999.
Authors of the original songs, at the side, in superscript.
1 - This is a licensed song.
  • Bula Matari - "Taxi Drivers" (1996) 1
  • Testing - "My Tiny World" (C. Conner)
  • Stikki Fingerz - "Holdin' It Out For You" (C. Anderson, P. Mackie)
  • Sterlin - "Standing On My Own" (C. Conner)



  • During the news about the escaped convicts and the ident about the American Civil War Veterans, it plays Sideways Hank O'Malley (and The Alabama Bottle Boys)'s "The Ballad of Chapped Lip Calhoun", from The Fergus Buckner Show FM in GTA.
  • As stated by Marshall Nash, the 45 RPM vinyl record of Sterlin's "Standing On My Own" is a home made and/or pirated copy.

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