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Phil: "Barry, when I agreed to play Vice City, I didn't think it would be my swan song!"
Vic: "Hey, aren't you?"
Phil: "Phil, mate. Phil Collins."
Victor Vance meets Phil Collins after saving him from an assassination attempt

Kill Phil is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by avant garde film director Reni Wassulmaier from the InterGlobal Films Studio on Prawn Island, Vice City.


Victor Vance goes back to the InterGlobal Films Studio to find work from Reni Wassulmaier who asks him to protect Barry Mickelthwaite and his client, singer Phil Collins, from as Barry had borrowed $3 million off of a man who wants his money back. Victor drives Barry, in a limousine, to meet Collins, first stopping at a hotel in Vice Point.

As Collins goes to enter the limousine the Forelli Family attack the helicopter Collins had arrived in and then attempt to kill Collins, who is protected by Victor. Victor then drives the two to the Marina Sands Hotel in Ocean Beach, avoiding the pursuing Forelli mobsters who both give chase and form blockades.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Pick up the bulletproof limo.
  • Drive to the meeting point.
  • Waste the thugs before Barry's act dies.
  • Take Phil to his hotel.


The reward for completing this mission is $1,000 and the mission Say Cheese is unlocked. A bulletproof Stretch like that used in the mission can also now be purchased from Sunshine Autos for $1,000. The unique bulletproof black Stretch used in this mission is given to Victor after completion, and can be saved in a garage if it isn't destroyed.


Victor Vance goes to see Reni Wassulmaier at InterGlobal Studios, where Reni's talking with Barry Mickelthwaite.
Reni: He doesn't know?
Barry: Uh, no. And let's keep it that way.
Reni: Of course, he's an artist. The pressure could kill him. I mean, I perform well knowing people want to drill me full of holes, but I am unique, darling.
Vic enters Reni's office.
Reni: Darling!
Victor: Hey, Reni. Hi, uh...
Reni: Darling, this is darling: darling, darling. Wunderbar. So, now we are acquainted, no? Who wants to oompah?
Victor: Uh, I'm Vic.
Barry: Alright. Barry, mate.
Reni: Now, darling, darling needs a favor.
Barry: Yeah, I need you to drive me and one of me clients around. Major player. Could sing the birds down from the trees, you'll love him.
Victor: I'm kind of expensive for a limo service.
Barry: Yeah, well, rock and roll is a dirty business, cock.
Victor: Excuse me?
Barry: Well, this one bloke gave me three million quid, but now he wants it back. Cheeky twat. He's threatening to kill my bloke if I don't pay up.
Victor: Okay, I'll help you - but it's gonna cost.
Barry: Yeah, yeah. Christ on a bike, is that the time? We better go and meet me boy. You are gonna love him.
Barry and Vic leave Reni's office.
Barry: I've got a special limo ordered. Let's go and get it, then pick up the boy.
Barry and Vic go to retrieve the special limo, located in Vice Point.
Victor: A special limo?
Barry: Bulletproof. I'm not taking any chances, mate. This nutter means business.
Barry and Vic get the limo and drive to the meeting place - a park located near The Clymenus Suite. Meanwhile, a white Maverick is seen approaching the destination and lands as soon as the limo arrives. Barry's client is revealed to be Phil Collins. Two Sentinels arrive at the scene with hostile Forellis.
Barry: Bloody hell, that nutter's sent a goon squad after me talent!
The Forellis destroy Phil's helicopter.
Barry: Get 'em, Vic!
Vic gets out of the limo and kills the attacking Forellis.
Phil: Look, Barry, when I agreed to play Vice City, I didn't think it would be my swan song!
Barry: It's no problem, mate! Just some nutcase trying it on.
Victor: Hey, aren't you...
Phil: Phil, mate. Phil Collins.
Barry: Let's do the meet and greet another time, eh? Come on.
Vic, Phil and Barry head to the Marina Sands Hotel in Ocean Beach, with more Forelli goons chase after them.
Barry: Giorgio wants his money back!
Phil: What money? Barry, who are these nutters?
Barry: Keep your pretty head down, Phil! Christ on a bike, Vicky, floor it!
Phil: For crying out loud, Barry, what have you done this time?!
Barry: I swear on my mother's life, or my dead mother's grave, I don't know what he's on about!
Vic, Phil and Barry arrive at the hotel.
Phil: Shouldn't we call the police?
Barry: This is Vice City, mate, seriously. Bandit country, it's nothing.
Phil: Who is this Giorgio you owe money to?
Barry: Oh, he's just a fan. He lent me, I mean, y'know, he gave me a few quid.
Phil: Barry, are you in hock to gangsters?
Barry: No, mate, I swear: on your life!
Phil: Yeah, well, that's what I'm worried about. You're a real moron. I should have left you managing that talking dog...what was his name? Puddles?

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  • The mission name is a reference to the film Kill Bill.
  • Collins' appearance in this mission makes him the first-real life celebrity to physically appear in a Grand Theft Auto game.
  • Collins' arrival in Vice City by helicopter may be a reference to the music video for "Easy Lover", which begins with a helicopter ride over London. The song can be heard on the in-game radio station Flash FM.
  • This is chronologically the first ever appearance of the Forelli Crime Family. They appear frequently throughout the 3D Universe, and their final chronological appearance is in the GTA III mission I Scream, You Scream or Dead Skunk in the Trunk.